blood2.gif (16446 bytes)

hunting for fun

is something to shun

don't go with a gun

& make rabbits run

bid farewell to snares

foxes & hares

have enough cares

don't badger badgers

but pander to pandas

please spare goosey ganders

have pity not paté

don't batter fishes

or keep hens in batteries

the lives of our poultry

should not be thought paltry

eating veal is vile

abstaining from flesh

needn't mean self-denial

are you deaf to the cries

of livestock that dies

& whales bewailing

harpoons impaling

their nearest & dearestsealphoto.jpg (16443 bytes)

it's the severest mortal sin

to sport a baby seal skin

calling killing culling

hardly excuses

this bloody abuse

there ought to be a law

against such awful slaughter


O when will it sink in

all creatures are our kin

& mankind is the unkindest

blindest animal

of all


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you look good in a fur coat...

anfoxfur2.gif (26887 bytes)


the animal did too





the animal doesn't look as good without it


animal in fur coat

dumb animals