what the papers said:

"A long bloodstain & a make-shift shrine  mark the spot where Eamon Mcdevitt, a 24 year old deaf mute had his face blown away by an army marksman during a riot in Strabane last Wednesday. In the gutter there are still fragments of bone & shattered teeth."



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a deaf mute was shot dead

for not listening to orders

soldiers said he waved

a weapon

the blind crowd didn't see

they disagreed about details

but denied the official version

it happened so quick

when dumb flesh tried to speak

a gun replied



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(first published in GREEN & PLEASANT LAND anthology -

British Withdrawal from Northern Ireland Campaign - 1974)


"Remember how Calvin & Luther in fury premature

Sow'd War & stern division between Papists & Protestants.

Let it not be so now! O go not forth in Martyrdoms & Wars!"

                                                                                 (Wm. Blake)


Deaf & Dumb



War & Peace