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wear a kimono!)

"The kimono (きもの/着物) (lit., "thing to wear"

– from the verb ki ((着)),

"to wear (on the shoulders)"

and the noun mono 

((物)), "thing") 

is a traditional Japanese garment and the national dress of  Japan"




"In modern Japan, the kimono is uncommonly worn as everyday dress, and has steadily fallen out of fashion as the most common garment for a Japanese person to own and wear... The people who wear the kimono most frequently in Japanese society are older men and women - who may have grown up wearing it, though less commonly so than previous generations -  geisha and maiko (who are required to wear it as part of their profession), and sumo wrestlers, who must wear kimono at all times in public."



"Despite its falling popularity and reputation as uncomfortable and difficult to wear, the kimono has experienced a number of revivals in previous decades, and is still worn today as fashionable clothing within Japan.



Yoko Ono

in Kimono


not to mention

 John Lennon






Friend of Lennon, Bowie, who performed in stage costumes by Kansai Yamamoto, often wore Kimonos.

Other Western showbiz performers:

 eg Shirley Temple


& Marlene Dietrich

 Michael Jackson






had their photos


in Kimonos


Alan Watts, whose books I began reading as a teenager in the mid 1960s, praised the comfort of the kimono & said he usually wore one when he was at home .

He said: “You cannot run in this garment. You have to walk at a dignified pace. We need above all to slow down & get ourselves to amble thru life instead of to rush thru.”


(Book available here)

 And now:

Kamikaze Bard in Kimono below, not above posing


 Raise that Ki





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Kamikaze Bard


Frozen Zen (haiku)

Great Wave





so come on folks

now don't be square

 a kimono

is the thing-to-wear