Raving Reporter…




Weary of war, I’ve taken to my bed & intend to stay there for the duration. Wary of words on that so sorry subject, (war’s a misnomer, it’s illegal invasion), the plethora of euphemisms attempting to disguise plug-ugly truth, parading of propaganda, blanket coverage a duvet of deceit, concealing as it pretends to reveal, I couldn’t bear to hear one more military metaphor, assaults to sensitivity; ear-splitting explosions of violence leave me craving soothing silence. I’m sick & tired of this sad sado macho.


Barely three years into the new millennium & it’s more of the same. The story of the 20th Century continued. HIS story, ‘cos it’s still just a gang of ageing male politicians intent on wreaking a last bit of death & destruction.  It gives them a boner before rigor mortis, their phallic, penetrating weaponry obscene compensation for their own sexual impotence.


I surrender…(glad I don’t depend on launching missiles for my hard-on!)


I’m done in with protesting with whistle & drum, the illusion of People Power on the streets, monitored by police. I’ve been to the Die-in, black-armband mourning the innocent dead.  Now, not ignorant, not blissfully, I’ll lie-in instead. (OK, so John & Yoko got there first!)


If I go out again, perhaps I’ll contract the dreaded S.A.R.S. (how we love our acronyms…L.O.L.!) Yes, best to stay in bed, to be on the safe side.


Embedded as I am, I’ve probably fallen asleep & this is merely a nasty nightmare from which the world will soon wake. But there are many, I fear, who are sleep-walking into a Hell Realm & don’t even know it...



Davy King

Raving Reporter

War & Peace