I wonder will my speeches from a soapbox

wash whiter than white with any of you


wpe06338.gif (34582 bytes) who will buy

my loud-hailer haranguing

as I angrily decry



forms of hate

that are the norms

in this sad state


can such drab goods

grab your attention

even for quarter of an hour

I doubt it


so passer-by pass by

on your way somewhere or other

in a hell of a hurry


from the corner of your eye

maybe catch a fleeting glimpse

of this funny character in costume

yelling LOUD WORDS laden with doom




ldk2.gif (3299 bytes)


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 20)

"Freedom of speech is likely to be a big theme for you, dear Sagittarius. Don't be surprised if you find yourself up on your soapbox in support of the rights that you believe in. Others are apt to listen to you attentively, so be clear and concise in your arguments. Imagine yourself as someone who is giving a pep talk for a group of revolutionaries who are ready to launch a fight for an important cause. You can inspire others with your positive and encouraging nature."




in action

this way?

call to arms?

freedom automatic?



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