she said I had a dirty mind

so I took my brains to the Laundrette

(see how woolly thinking gets me wet)

Animationbrainwsh.gif (27471 bytes)

vertiginous cerebral cortex

spins round in the soapy vortex

frontal lobes consort with Y-fronts


my head is swimming

I got water on the brain

I'll never be the same again


and after

my new-cleansed cerebellum

shrank in the wash

now all I talk is a load of tosh


my nerves are frayed

each laundered neuron

makes me gibber like a moron

00brain2.jpg (8061 bytes)

but my thoughts are pure

& my eyes are bright

my Grey Matter's whiter than white


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No Topping a Lobotomy

Freedom Automatic Dishwasher Powder

Cleaning Teeth

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