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(after Walt Whitman, long after)





if I were to sing a song of myself

it'd probably be out of tune

no-one would listen or they'd start to boo

but I'd croon & I'd croon & I'd croon


doe ray ME doe ray ME

I would croak joyfully


it won't be bravura

or coloratura

I'm better at bawling

& cool caterwauling


attempting a high note

would damage my throat

I might strain my larynx



some voices are golden

but mine's more like tinsel

so I'd remain poor

as a wandering minstrel


I have no desire

for a heavenly choir

I'll sing unaccompanied in the bath

as I lather my limbs

I'll improvise hymns

keeping time with my loofah just for a laugh


kazoo in hand

I'm a one-man-band

I'll take it from here

& play it by ear

blow my own trumpet as one of my turns

hey diddle diddle

with my little fiddle

I'll scrape like old Nero while Rome burns


I'll wake all the locals

with my solo vocals

& though they throw tomatoes

I still will not cease

till I get arrested

for disturbing the peace


I'm not a he-man

nor much of a glee-man

but no psalm of David was ever such fun

as the ditties I'll twitter before I am done









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