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In some parts of the world, it's still only yesterday. In others, already tomorrow, by the time you read this...

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Nearer to home, a corner of my garden seems to be permanently stuck in the Stone Age; stick your spade in the ground & you strike not gold, coal, oil or anything valuable, but rock. We're not talking a buried stash of vinyl LPs of the dinosaur heavy metal variety (which probably would be rather valuable), rather what looks like a dumping ground for failed experiments in paleolithic artefact design, to the layperson common or garden stones. What's more, next door's moggy, which uses the cabbage-patch as a latrine, looks suspiciously sabre-toothed to me.

And who knows, there may well be traces of Primeval Slime lurking just below the U-bend.

Indeed, if you listen hard enough, you can hear faint echoes of the Big Bang...

Recently the clocks went back, as we switched from Daylight Saving Time to good old GMT (the Brits invented the stuff, after all!) Some people wish the clocks could go back 50 years, or even further, say, to Victorian Times. But no, an HOUR it is & an HOUR only. Of course, the clocks will go FORWARD again soon. Hardly worth the effort of changing them, is it?

The really funny thing (& I mean both peculiar & ha-ha) is that, wherever you are, the time is always NOW, & has been so throughout recorded &, come to that, unrecorded (before the invention of vinyl!) history.  So, if you ask my advice (& you don't), live in the PRESENT.

Davy King

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