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hammock.gif (70581 bytes)Well, here we are again & I'm glad to say the sun has come out!

So, now...

An e-peasant presents candid webcam snapshots  from a far-flung Filipino Farm.

It's topical, it's tropical, a flip-flopped, shorts & T-shirt sort of backpacking trip beyond yer usual humdrum holiday hot-spots & tawdry tourist-traps.

Yes, folks, this is Ethical Eco Tourism taken to the extreme & then some. And you, lazy reader, needn't even leave your armchair. (Well, we don't want too many white Westerners crowding our exotic Eden, do we?)

But a big Virtual Welcome, anyway, to the Funny Foreign Farm. Cold Comfort it's not. Rather uncomfortably hot for the etiolated English temperate temperament. The Archers ain't got nothing on this! Here is a soap-opera where a cast of colourful (& coloured) characters wash without the aid of running water while singing sweetly sentimental love songs karaoke-style.

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AUDIO: Sound of Cicadas? If they're CRICKETS, where's Buddy Holly? He sang some damn fine songs, most suitable for Karaoke! Words of Love, anyone?

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PS: "Mad Dogs & Englishmen..."

strawhat4.jpg (28041 bytes)Wear a LARGE STRAW HAT to protect your head against the harmful rays of the tropical sun, which otherwise might melt your brain.

(I learnt this too late, so have already undergone a partial meltdown, as you  probably guessed...)




[actually, this photo was taken in BAGUIO CITY, in the mountains, where it is considerably cooler]