Raving Reportersez...                                 


Welcome to the Funny Foreign Farm...


pigs4.jpg (12236 bytes)     This is Yours Truly feeding the BABOYS (pigs).

     But, I don't eat 'em, as I aspire to be Vegetarian,

       no easy venture in carnivore country.




jiggery pokery?



 chickenpicture.jpg (22178 bytes) LAST of the MANOKS:

Today they slaughter the big white bird. This hen hasn't laid any eggs recently.

For its final day it's confined to its coop, so its stomach will be empty.

I take a photo portrait (left) of the prisoner on Death Row.

I can't watch the deed.

Afterwards, stripped of feathers, the flesh looks yellow. The color of the corn eaten.

Cooked in a fire pit, made with stones, banana leaf for aluminium foil.

There's this small round red thing removed from it's insides, the beginnings of an egg...

(Actually, I prefer the little brown 'NATIVE' chickens.)


Carabao3.jpg (13431 bytes)


'Farmer's friend', the CARABAO (Water Buffalo),

a  regular workhorse, as it were!

It's used to CARRY things.

Not to be confused with a CARIBOU,

which is a kind of Reindeer...




Here's a view from one of the windows...

A hump-backed cow with big beautiful kohl eyes shelters in the shade

sacred cow!

(Am I seeing double? Or is this stereo?)

cow3.jpg (36643 bytes)cow4.jpg (37884 bytes)

(photos: DK 1998)

Aren't those banana trees? Yes, we have some bananas but they are not the only fruit...

bananas.gif (5270 bytes)...

saginsmall.jpg (22242 bytes)

mensf-bannana1.jpg (5179 bytes)

  There are at least 20 different varieties growing here!

My favourite is the little one with orange-coloured flesh that tastes like apple.

And, talking of apples, how about PINEAPPLES,

Custard Apples (Atis), atis.jpg (10568 bytes)

Star Apples (Kaimito)?

Talking of stars, there's also Star Fruit (Bilinbin).

COCONUTS need no introduction.

Nor does MANGO.

AVOCADO avocado.jpg (8368 bytes)has its advocates already.

GUAVA, CALAMANSI, Jack Fruit, Pomelo, LEMON... the list goes on & on... but my personal preference is PAPAYA, can't get enough of its sweet succulence!papaya.jpg (13672 bytes)










A -Z


Seriously tho, in the not-too-distant future, it would be great to create some kind of PERMACULTURE ECO-VILLAGE here... grow an 'edible landscape' or new Garden of Eden maybe...

Stay tuned for further developments...

By the way, that eponymous pump...

WaterpumpEqualisedSmallplus.gif (27659 bytes) Way back last Millenium, in 1998, Yours Truly financed the construction of  a waterpump. A well, 35 metres deep, had to be dug, so that the water would be pure.

As water is essential to life, it was the best gift I could think of to express gratitude for the hospitality I received here...



Soundtrack: Piggies by the Beatles

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Oops, I nearly forgot the GECKO

Geckosmallest.gif (1095 bytes)

(During the night, what sounds like the cluck of a bird is in fact,

a little lizard that hides in the rafters...

I like to call it a Lounge Lizard!)

Here are some of its friends:

geckoANIM.gif (44067 bytes)

exclamation.gif (629 bytes)