"Will you give me a kiss for a poem" (Hesse: Siddhartha)

  my mistress is strict

  she disdains my advances


  love songs I write her for English homework

  are ill requited with an average mark


  she's too demure

  to countenance my onanistic fantasies


  deflowering her on my

  desk during lunch-break

  making love in the stockroom

  amid immortal English Literature


  all very educational


  we talk of nothing but set texts

  & the impending examination

  yet she excites an interest in the subject

  as if she’s trying to tease & test my sex


  I'd be a mug & sap like mad

  to be the teacher's pet her model pupil


  her classroom is my sanctuary

  weekends & vacations banish me


  perhaps a zealous student would request

  some after-school tuition

  chance to discuss love's syllabus in depth

  perhaps I should

  were it not for a sneaking suspicion

  a member of staff in the science department

  is plotting her graph





This piece  is on pages 5 & 6 of my first book


Songs of Frustrated Lust & Seduction


a free pdf of which  is available




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