Gay Gordons? Dancing Queens!


Gay Gordons?

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Dancing Queens!

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'Arm-across shoulder Come-along Hold'

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NB no offence to homosexuals intended. This site pokes fun at heterosexuals too!

In fact, just so you're sure, let me adapt the great Ray Davies' (Kinks) song:

"Thank you for the Days GAYS,

Those endless GAYS, those sacred GAYS you gave me.

I'm thinking of the GAYS,

I won't forget a single GAY, believe me.


GAYS I'll remember all my life..."


(You know the tune. It's lovely, as are the lyrics. And, don't forget, Ray - or could it be Gay? - also wrote another peach of a song called 'Lola': "Girls will be boys & boys will be girls." I rest my case.)


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