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we go to Mass in the Mega Mallmall2.jpg (22111 bytes)

good little children of the Fall

up against the global wall


we eat rice for our daily bread

can't afford wine drink gin instead

life is cheap our father saidcrt-3.jpg (7840 bytes)

worship baby & get wed

'sus Maria you're soon dead


buried in debt till you rise again

a typhoon comes when you pray for rainMEGA_MALLcropped.jpg (83524 bytes)

the TV tells you no pain no gain


all you get is much more loss

each station of the bloody cross

God's like your old Kano boss


for a peso here & a peso there

you're willing to work anywhere

you don't complain that life's unfair

just brush your lovely long black hair

& say another wishful prayer


OK Síge text me soon

sing a Karaoke tune

take a nap in the afternoon

dream about the next typhoon

the Southern Cross near a crescent moon


you could cry but only smile

as you walk the supermarket aisle

you can shop for shoes in the latest stylecrucifixion1.jpg (20987 bytes)


go to Mass in the Mega Mall

good little children of the Fall

up against the global wall




sacredheartANIM3.gif (131672 bytes)Philippines


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[written on 24th Feb. 2006, the day a State of Emergency

was declared by Philippines President Gloria Arroyo,

& co- incidentally 20th  Anniversary of the 1986 People Power/ EDSA 'Revolution']