Most households boast a spider in the bath.

Now, it may well be that we are somewhat unconventional, eccentric even, unquestionably quirky some might opine, idiosyncratic indeed, I wonít argue on that score.

I canít deny that we are going against the cultural norm in this regard by opting otherwise.

Itís not a matter of arachnophobia. I am in no way averse to spiders per se. I donít mind our little 8-legged friends one bit. Actually I'm rather fond of them & have great admiration for their spectacular web weaving abilities. They truly inspire me at times, as they did Robert the Bruce, if we are to believe the legend.

However, it is not without a certain pride, I hope not hubristic, that we dare to be different. We choose to keep a vacuum cleaner in ours. And why not?

It looks like the kind of creature a Cyberman might have as a pet, cute, if slightly menacing.



With its long, flexible, elephantís trunk of a proboscis, it can, with ruthless hygiene, ingest instanter any spiders suicidal enough to venture up the plughole into its austerely spotless hideaway, the white enamel bathtub.



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(Friday 13th March 2020)






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