a little birdie told me this... it  hasn't hit the headlines yet, but, who knows, maybe one day...

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(from the concrete jungle)


hey Mr Eagle

hey Mr Bear

why not get together

in the open air


we could have a picnic

bring everyone along

one big happy family



all the animals

of every nation

meeting one another

in a celebration


we'll invite the Hawk

invite the Dove

stop making war

& start making love


once & for all

hostilities will cease

& the Lion & the Lamb

lie down in peace


there'll be Sheep & Goats

& Cats & Dogs

Stoats & Bats

& Hogs & Frogs


Donkeys Tigerstiger1.gif (38928 bytes)

Birds & Bees


& Chimpanzees

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flocks & herds

too numerous to mention

will freely gather

for a grand convention


we'll welcome creatures

great & small

including ones

that creep & crawl


let's invite some frightened People

from the Human Zoo

maybe they'd agree

to join in too


then every inhabitant

of Noah's Ark

can play all day

in the city park


we'll dance & sing

beneath the sun

it's better than fighting

it could be fun


yes let's restore


why be beastly

to our blood relations


we'll live & let live

it takes all sorts

in this game of life

let's be good sports


roll up roll up

the festival is here

come in gladness

free from fear


we'll have a wild party

& a lot of laughs

with circus Horses

& bizarre Giraffes


Gazelles will guzzle

& Fish will drinkpinkelephant.jpg (9834 bytes)

& the Rhino who's a wino

will think Elephants are pink


those mad March Hares

are hilariously funny

& there's magic tricks

by that Easter Bunny

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Kangaroos will jump

& Monkeys climb

while the Cheetah runs a mile

in record time


if you thought it was noisy

on old MacDonald's farm

you won't believe your ears

when governments disarm


there'll be squeaks & squawks

& grunts & moos

quacks chirps chuckles



purrs yaps roars

caws & coos

brays bleats bellows

have you heard the Gnus


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            blood relations


virtual circus

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