"DEFENCE chiefs yesterday defended allowing Prince William to practise landing a helicopter at his girlfriend Kate Middleton's family home.

It was the second time in five days that the Ministry of Defence had to justify the young royal's actions after a separate incident where he flew himself and his brother to a stag do."

(The Scotsman, 21 April 2008)



williamhelmet.jpg (7278 bytes)

Prince Willy in his whirlybird

mission possibly absurd


but nothing untoward occurred

or so the RAF averred


william.jpg (60605 bytes)

that lovely lad who'd won his wings

RAF_Service_Dress_WingSmall.jpg (8400 bytes)

now had his mind on higher things


he merely took a big Chinook

& cocked a very regal snook


copter.jpg (17737 bytes)

he's a Prince so what the hell

he flew that helicopter well


heir to the throne he owns the air

& only goes where egos dare


kamikazeB.gif (3222 bytes)


A Real Eagle

Icarus in Freefall

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