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Please help & encourage me to continue my work,which is done entirely voluntarily.

Not only is my time, energy & labour unpaid, I have to cover webhosting costs & other expenses.


Please visit & browse my 5 Virtual Shops

T-shirts, Hats, Bags, Mousepads, Cards, Postcards etc 45196943_F_tn.jpg (14210 bytes)

($2 per item goes to Yours Truly!)

****Quality Goods posted worldwide****

1) See souvenir goods here…

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Season's Bleatings &pointrleft.gif (212 bytes) Happy New Ear Store

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3) special YEAR of the DOG products - practical & fun!

Let your inner dog go walkies...

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4)Little Davy King's Daffodil Shop here...Celebrate Spring all year round!

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5) Support Danish Freedom of Speech Shop

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****Quality Goods posted worldwide****


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