IMG_8792cropped.jpg (123436 bytes)The plant looks innocent enough......

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     Sugar Cane










Kids playing in the fields of sugar cane - how sweet!


But Sugar can mean sweet misery to the workers who grow & harvest it

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The cut sugar cane is loaded onto lorries

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And processed in sugar refineries

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Black smoke to make white sugar

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The real thing...... more sweet misery for millions who mindlessly drink it


[All photos taken by Davy King in Negros Occidental, Philippines]


In Memory of a Massacre

On 20th September 1985 in Escalante City, Negros Occidental, Philippines, soldiers opened fire on protesting SUGAR CANE WORKERS & others at a rally commemorating the 13th Anniversary of the declaration of martial law by Ferdinand Marcos. Twenty were killed. The following year, Marcos was toppled by People Power.



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