"L’amor che muove il sole e l’altre stelle"

(The Love which moves the sun and the other stars.)

Paradiso, Canto XXXIII

Dante   Alighieri


"Well we all shine on,
Like the moon and the stars and the sun,
Yeah we all shine on"

Instant Karma





  First Image of Black Hole















In the dark ?


Universe said to contain much Dark Matter (an estimated 27%) & more Dark Energy (about 68%), as opposed to only 5% "ordinary" matter....



Hubble Telescope: Eagle Nebula (M16)


Afterglow of BIG BANG?

Photo of Cosmic 'baby' (a mere 370, 000 years after the so-called Big Bang), taken by Planck satellite (launched 2009). Depicts Cosmic microwave background.



New Dark Matter Map, including Cosmic Voids apparently:

Whatever next?

click pic?

The Universe is made of Plancks, tied up with String Theory!

Actually, Max Planck said 'I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.'

Sir James Jeans put it thus: ' The universe is immaterial, mental and spiritual.'



Still E-X-P-A-N-D-I-N-G .....




Across The Universe by The Beatles

"Limitless undying love,
Which shines around me like a million suns,
And calls me on and on across the universe"


 MK2A (from Axis Mutatis) by The Shamen

"Images from limitless Horizons
The presence of the past is now observed
Projected from the furthest suns to find me
As the earth makes circles through the sky
Distant seem the stars
Yet how close we are
Mauna Kea to Andromeda
Kahuna did you dream
Of other worlds unseen
Mauna Kea to Andromeda
Mauna Kea to Andromeda


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