NEW YEAR'S DAY, 1st January:

Exactly a year ago, wrote the following: "It should not be forgotten that Calendars are FICTIONS. There are many different culturally-specific calendars. In this country it happens to be 2021. Now, 2021 is not really a THING. It's only an idea. So when, people say, as they will,  that they are glad 2020 is over, they don't quite seem to get it. Nothing was transmogrified at the stroke of midnight on 31st Jan 2020, except maybe in your mind or mental attitude."

Mutatis mutandis, ditto.

As for New Year's Resolutions, the eloquently witty Mark Twain beat me to it. I quote him on the subject here.

Why not try first footing (Custom in Scotland at New Year)?

Another custom in the uck UK is the Queen's  "New Year's Honours List." This year she ennobled ex-PM Blair with the so-called Most Noble Order of the Garter (ultra elite chivalric order dating back to good old Edward III in 1348.) See what a modern Democratic nation we are & what a Gallant Knight of the Realm that war criminal is.

The motto of the 'Most Noble Order' is honi soit qui mal y pense (shame on him who thinks evil of it.) Shame on me then.

There is a petition against it. I've signed it with more than 600, 000 others. Alongside millions, I also signed the petition against launching an illegal invasion of Iraq, which failed to stop it, as did the massive national & international demonstrations. (I covered that disgusting matter in some satirical detail. See Internal Iraq War links, including Poodles against Blair & Blair's hubristic  "History will be my judge".)


3rd - Posted a little something, converting hastily handwritten words on a loose scrap of paper from decades ago into a webpage. This website now contains 574 webpages, some small, others very long. Each different. Mutually reinforcing. How many have you looked at?

4th - day Schrödinger died at age 73 in 1961, maybe his moggy is still alive &/or not. Am uncertain. Just for the fun of it, here's a few feline lines I wrote more than half century ago. Do they click with you?

According to mainstream news, today was a record high for cases of Covid. First wrote about it in early 2020. Turned into a pentalogy  of webpages. Check out this virus versus us verse.

5th - On the Twelfth Day of Xmas. My true love gave to me? 12 Drummers drumming? Here's one here.

Decorations down today.

After investigating, discovered that I created my Domain Name,, on 20/02/2002, coincidentally my first & only son's Birthday in 2011. Serendipity indeed!

As the astutely numerate may notice, my site is nearing the grand old age of 20 years old. It's quite grown up!

6th - 3 Kings Day or Epiphany. (Autobiographical aside: I jokingly refer to myself, consort & son as We 3 Kings.)

8th - Bowie's birthday. Receiving TOY today. More Bowie.

Elvis born on this day too.

Talking of stars, black stars etc -

Launched on Christmas Eve 2021, James Webb Space Telescope has now been deployed, massive golden mirror unfolded, & is being configured... looking forward to new view of universe, by looking back in time. (Bearing in mind space-time is a conceptual, perceptual illusion?) Apparently, old Uncle Albert (Einstein) wrote in a letter of condolence (of all places) that "Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." But let's not stray into Car Quantum Mechanics. Appear to be merely baffling myself with science here.

On the subject of space & time, mustn't forget Pioneer 10's plaque to the future.

While very appropriately celebrating the new James Webb telescope, here's a brief (mere 01.10 min) video snapshot of its predecessor Hubble's magnificent achievement I prepared earlier. 

click pic?


"The way we look to a distant constellation
That's dying in a corner of the sky
These are the days of miracle and wonder"

as the great songwriter Paul Simon put it in his song, 'The Boy in the Bubble', from his masterpiece, 'Graceland," (title a reference to recently mentioned Elvis, above.)


10th - Bowie died aged 69. Thankful to be still alive. 

11th - Anniversary of birth of Albert Hofmann, 1906.

Finally got round to putting this performance video online. About Homelessness. Written decades ago. Filmed a few years back. Unfortunately very topical.

12th - Created NEW satirical, political page about Jackson Pollock. Look.

13th - mentioning the new James Webb Space Telescope above, reminded me to publish this new intergalatic webpage.

14th - Am refraining from a running commentary on contemporary 'news' (same old same old), plus ça change & all that, but I happened to notice that Her Maj ("a pretty nice girl" in the estimation of those 4 lads from Liverpool) had stripped "Prince' Andrew of his military medals & his H.R.H., 'cos of his alleged  involvement in a paedophile sex scandal, which was poor publicity for the so-called "Royals."

Meanwhile, more revelations about boozy partying in the garden of No 10, while the rest of us were under Covid lockdown. Looks bad, don't it? So much for our ruling regime, supreme under our propaganda system. At least, we didn't elect that nice Mr Corbyn. More's the pity.

I repeat:

Well, you gotta laugh.

Learnt 2 new (new to me, maybe previously known but forgotten, cf dear old Sam Beckett's "truant guides") words today: (1) "ensorcelled" (fascinated, bewitched, enchanted, charmed etc, etymologically related to sorceror);

Of course, I'm no more than a sorcerer's apprentice. This is maybe the best (bested?) magic I've done.

(2)"Tilde" is a word for that squiggly dash ~, swung dash, or wavy dash, as well as an diacritical mark or accent in Spanish & Portuguese.

Took me a while to find how to type it with Mac keyboard. Answer: use Fn & X key. Simples, as they say.

Conjured up a sentence in which I managed  to  use both:

~ Earlier, when I was feeling curlier, spent long ensorcelled by a tilde, filled with insatiable keyboard curiosity ~


17th - or ~ Full Moon

Composed this here on the spot. Pithy. ("Pith & moment").

Called TAO NOW.

Full Moon photo


click pic?

Hand spun &  knitted by my no knit-wit crafty consort.

18th - cold enough for snow. Winter jumper weather.

For a longer term forecast, quick click.



20th - Chilly. Warm inside. Chill out to this new little page.

21st - Found an old story that had been lying around languishing since 1993 & decided to publish it here. I wrote it slightly tongue-in-cheek with a female nom de plume (Kay Davison) aimed at Women's Mags. It was rejected. So I gave up sending material to publishers - waste of time, paper, ink & postage, Actually, reading it after decades, I quite enjoyed it. Only about 1400 words. Someone might like it.



22nd - Thich Nhất Hạnh, peace activist,  described as Zen Master, died at 00.00 hrs, aged 95. First became aware of him via his book,The Miracle of Mindfulness, in 1975. Later, in the 80s, attended a small weekly Buddhist group in Leeds, where the person, whose house it was held in, had visited  Plum Village (Thay's centre in France) & introduced us to T's idea of 'engaged buddhism' & 'interbeing.'

About 2001, I acquired a poster bearing his words:

"I have arrived. I am home. My destination is in each step"

At the top of the stairway wall, it was a reminder to me each time I went up & down.


click pics?

click pic?


"This body is not me; I am not caught in this body, I am life without boundaries, I have never been born and I have never died. Over there, the wide ocean and the sky with many galaxies all manifests from the basis of consciousness. Since beginningless time I have always been free. Birth and death are only a door through which we go in and out. Birth and death are only a game of hide-and-seek. So smile to me and take my hand and wave good-bye. Tomorrow we shall meet again or even before. We shall always be meeting again at the true source. Always meeting again on the myriad paths of life."

-Thich Nhất Hạnh, No Death, No Fear

 One thing led to another & this followed just like that, as it does .

25th - Burns' Night, which I used to celebrate when I lived in Bonny Scotland for years, traditionally addressing a humble homemade vegan haggis, toasting it with a wee dram or twa, will  be teetotal for me, though I might recite  a few of Rabbie's raunchier verses in my best mock Jock stage-Scots accent for comic effect, ho-ho hopefully not  overly racist.

26th - Burns reminds me of the character Mr Burns in the The Simpsons. Our precious young son calls his parents by 'christian' name rather than the more conventional mum & dad. Apparently a behaviour he learned from his hero Bart in one of the episodes of The Simpsons. He has most of the many series on DVD. He thinks it makes him appear more mature or something.

Talking of The Simpsons, here's a short entertaining piece referring to them which I wrote many years ago.

While our son is getting more mature, I seem to be entering second childhood & sometimes call my consort mum, as I'm increasingly dependent on her. She's referred to me as dad since I fathered O.A.K. Davy begins with D A too...

27th - Here's a sketch I  did in my teens. Page has a pleasant soundtrack I love. So I also added an ART COLLECTION page.

Another new creation, Language  & Reality hub page. Pleasant Bennie Maupin Quartet soundtrack.

+ Head to Foot hub page of bodily parts. John Abercrombie Quartet soundtrack, worth hanging around to listen to. Lots of free gifts for you lovely lot.

What more could you ask? Well, how about a sort of Sufi mantra? Hallelujah!

29th -Thich Nhất Hạnh (above) cremated

30th- attended Quaker Meeting, as I do most Sundays. On this day, Mahatma Gandhi assassinated, 1948, aged 78 (Other assassinated dreamers.)

Afternoon, studied 'Kaballah' via Zoom & then later on TV. Very interesting, as I am a bit of a mystic at heart.

Talking of TV, watched a ravishingly beautiful online video on our recently acquired a 4K QLED HDR10+ set, about zen gardens in old Kyoto. Visually, almost 3D. Baffling myself with science, apparently, it's all too do with 'Quantum Dots' or something. According to Arthur C Clarke: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic".

31st - Final day of Chinese Year of the Ox. (Dare you to click that for a powerful 3 liner.)

Feb 1st Chinese New Year of the TIGER, Yang Water Tiger to be more precise. Cross Quarter Day of Imbolc (half way between Yule & Vernal Equinox), Saint Brigid's Feast Day. Have a  look at the Wheel of the Year.

How many more orbits of earth round old Sol before my obit, when, like Elvis, I leave the building & finally my body, eternal boundless awareness letting go of temporary, limited name & form? I wonder.

Feb 2nd - Centenary of first publication of James Joyce's 'Ulysses' on his 40th birthay.

4th - Found a loose sheet of A4 paper in a box of other loose leaves, slightly yellowed with age. On it was  text of a poem I had handwritten with some rudimentary artwork, many decades ago. Created a new page, here.

6th - The Platinum Jubilee of the Queen. 70 years on the throne. That's as long as I've been alive. This marks her official accession. Her coronation didn't take place till 2nd June 1953. I'm told (I have no actual recollection) that we watched her coronation live on TV. Our little black & white goggle box. We were the first in our street to have one, so neighbours joined us to watch 'history' being made. My Dad commemorated the occasion with a patriotic Sonnet, here. Coronation then, Coronavirus now. Neither reason to celebrate.

Her Maj. has declared Her Regal Wish that Prince Charles' spouse Camilla be known as Queen Consort, in the tragic event that She, Liz, ever pops her regal clogs. Funnily enough, I started referring to my partner, wife, beloved as Consort many years go. Partly due to my surname, though I have repeatedly made it clear that I'm no monarchist, & also with reference to the partner of Padmasambhava, Yeshe Tsogyal. Kay is definitely my right hand, rather left hand, ambidextrous woman.

Date my Dad was born in 1915. I do celebrate his birth. Without him, this website wouldn't be here. Am belatedly publishing some of his wonderful work, here. My son wouldn't exist either. Today, to use recently deceased Thich Nhất Hạnh, Thay's preferred expression for Birthday, is his Continuation Day. Appropriately, I just birthed this page of his piece called 'Continuity'. Life goes on. Energy takes impermanent, ever-changing form.

'The rain mates with the sun' as he wrote. Sunshine  & Rain today. Suddenly, in blessed, blissful synchronicity, my son draws my attention to a Rainbow in the sky outside his window, as I write. Rainbow wow! Like a mystical message to me.

9th - Unexpectedly, spent day in Neurology Department of city hospital. CT scan. Seems I'd had a stroke. Can no longer walk without assistance of my dear consort Kay. I had a very minor T.I.A. (Transient Ischemic Attack aka mini-stroke) in 2012 but recovered quickly.

Poor (actually quite rich) Ram Dass was only 65 when struck by  a major stroke, which left him wheelchair-bound & unable to speak. He recovered to some extent & luckily lived till he was 88. Characterised it as 'fierce grace' !

12th - Renewed annual Web-Hosting plan today for another year. This website, provided free to people, costs me. Help always welcome.

13th - Luckily alive.

14th - This "Failed Valentine" springs to mind.

16th - Good News unless, for some inexplicable reason, you are a  Loyal supporter of the British 'Royal' Family, 'Prince' Andrew  pays a reported 12 million quid to young woman he allegedly sexually assaulted when she was only 17.

To cheer myself (& others up), created this amusing little page about earrings, among other things.

18th - Anthropomorphising Storms, discuss. Storm Dudley (no jokes about amusing pianist Dudley Moore, please) was bad enough. Hot on its heels comes Storm Eunice. Eu = Greek for good, not European Union. Nice (Gk Nike) = Victory, not nice as in pleasant & nothing much to do with American multinational corporation, which manufactures footwear.

Meteorologically, RED ALERT, life in danger. Stay indoors, so am in right place. Beware flying debris, broken branches, trees...

Eunice? Not so nice. 'She' is wild. He, Dudley, was a bit brutal too.

19th - Thankfully fully alive. Practicalities challenging. Entertaining myself & hopefully the world wih improving this page about King of the Wild Frontier.


20th Feb - my dear son, OK's birthday is also the 20th Anniversary of this Domain (

21st - Woke to the sound of wind howling down the chimney. Storm Fred or Frank or some male Christian name beginning with F..., fucked if I know, F-F-F-Franklin whatever. Furious wind, ferocious, not funny but blows the clouds away & cobwebs of course.

22nd - For obvious reasons people refer to today as TWOsday. The  date is a palindrome & ambigram (reads same upside down)


Not an anagram!

Created little page entitled 'tit' in ornithogical, non-sexist sense.

23rd - Minor miracle this morning, made it down back garden with aid of walking frame & the invaluable support of my partner Kay. Saw Snowdrops, daffodils, & other flower & tree buds & rising Spring life unfolding in front of my eyes. So lovely to be alive.

Published a short autobiographical prose text, Exams Examined.

24th - Excellent  & educational Zoom lecture on John Donne. Quoted him on that link & also here. Prompted me to take a new look at my Donne books. Reminding me of his splendid linked sonnets, La Corona, for us now bringing to mind our contemporary pandemic.


26th - Mainstream News, blatant propaganda in support of bloody  N.A.T.O. Seems things haven't moved on much since the Cold War. Worth paying heed to Chomsky's Propaganda Model. Ukraine, UK, neither fictional country has a real democracy. USA ain't the good guys, they are War Criminals. Investigate what has been happening in Ukraine, it's very different than most people realise. Russia, reasonably, is reacting against NATO expansion. Personally, I am against nation states, against leaders, against weapons & against war. I agree with Quakers about war.

Praying for PEACE as always.


Far-right, Fascist, swastika-carrying Azov Battalion in Ukraine. Nice eh?

Malicious militia.

 27th - Sunny Sunday, ventured as far as front garden with some aid. Enjoyed new Spring growth. Takes mind off news.

 28th - Anti-Russian propaganda demonising Putin, as expected. NATO is a real threat, expanding up to border of Russia. Launch on Warning Nuclear War a frightening possibility.

1st March - St David's Day. Here, have some daffodils. Flower power.

3rd - Tibetan New Year (Losar), 2149, Year of the Water Tiger. To repeat myself: calendars are fictions.

4th - From Tigers to toy Meerkats, I see those cute Compare the Meerkat puppet adverts have been ABSURDLY banned, as part of the U.S.A./C.I.A./ N.A.T.O.'s anti-Russia propaganda campaign. Simples. Poor, adorable Sergei, Aleksandr, Oleg etc are banished 'cos they are popular, fictional Russian characters.

Meanwhile Milan University suspends lectures on Dostoesvsky! You couldn't make it up, except that's exactly what they are doing. Crime & Punishment, an appropriate title.

Simply, sublimely ridiculous?

9th - And it's getting worse. Crazy creative neologisms abound as excited lascivious civilian battalions of the 'war-horny' seek satisfaction in 'wargasm.'  Maybe they should consider delayed gratification, lest we all have to suffer post-coital tristesse. War, of course, is a kind of unkind rape. Unfortunately, they often go together (cum together?).

10th - Creating new page on Dante's Divine Comedy.

All out war on Russian Culture, including Tchaikovsky. Mustn't remind people of popular Russian Classical composers. Are some Americans jealous?

11thJapanese Earthquake, Tsunami & Nuclear Meltdown (2011)

13th - Created 2 new pages of dad's work: Alchemy & his allegorical story, The Ultimate Deterrent

14th - Tit for tat? Tap tap tap. That long-tailed tit is at it again. Early morning, tapping beak against window pane of front room. Flying off. Returning to tap. Curious? Hides in big, sprawling fuschia bush. Pretty little bird, look.

NASA release first 'fully aligned' image from James Webb Space Telescope


click pic?

15th - St. Patrick's Day.

17th - Blue & yellow aren't the only colours in the rainbow. Re. pro-Ukraine propaganda.

Recall MSM propaganda war against Corbyn pre-2019 election.

20th - Vernal Equinox.(See also Wheel of the Year.) Ostara.

21st - We didn't sanction the States over Iraq & Libya etc (forgotten about Vietnam & Korea?), did we? Yet they were illegal & more deadly attacks. Think about it, folks.

Oops, nearly forgot, why  remember, according to UNESCO, today is apparently World Poetry Day. Why not everyday? I work on this website, some of which is in poetry, or verse, every single day & have been writing seriously/playfully for over 50 years.

23rd - University of Florida renames study room, which used to be named after Karl Marx, who was a German & lived his later years in England. Russia isn't Marxist. Their gesture was meant to a protest aimed against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. You know it make sense! Apropos of Russia, Gorbachev offered to abolish nuclear weapons but USA refused.

Poor persecuted Julian Assange finally allowed to marry the father of his 2 children under stringent conditions in a high security prison

24th - Published a short story by my father: Brave Night Out

27th - Joyously creating new page in progress about James Joyce, 600th webpage  on this site.

APRIL 1st - All FOOL's Day.  Aren't we all?

APRIL 5th - No comments on latest 'news'. Changing daily yet somehow the same only worse. My 'Late News/ Early Warning' is here. Dating back 20 years, this site contains lots of satirical pieces, political, environmental etc, based on 'news.'


Using my present predicament (facing physical challenges) with positive thinking to work this alchemy.


As the much afflicted JJ wrote in FW: "Lord, heap miseries upon us yet entwine our arts with laughters low."

You gotta laugh, as they say.

11th - The SUN, rightwing rag, has capital-letter headlines this morning: "RISHI: LAY OFF MY MISSUS"

So readers are on friendly first name terms with the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, millionaire? Are we to believe he talks like that about his multi-millionare wife, Akshata Murti? It's the style of language uneducated poor people, readers of the Sun, could relate to.

Now 'Rishi' (Sanskrit) suggests holy Hindu sage, saint, enlightened person, poet etc in the Vedas. Like the parents of the Home Secretary named her Priti Patel - pretty petal?

His wife, Akshata Murty, is one of the 1% super-rich, said to be richer than the Queen. Wealthy woman.

It's not as if we are bullying her by pointing out her unimaginable wealth.

By claiming 'non-dom' status, her tax arrangements mean she, conveniently & legally,  saved £4.5 million tax last year. Nice, if you know how.

Sunak will be raising taxes for the likes of us plebs.

As a married couple the Sunak's own property (4 houses & land) worth more than £10 million at least.

This reveals a lot about our so-called democracy and the Press.

12th - She thought she'd get away with it. It proved unpopular. A negative reaction got to her. She decided it just wasn't worth it. So has  decided to pay Income Tax. I should think so too. Anyway paying makes little difference - she has more money at her disposal than she could ever use.
13th - Turns out that both Sunak & Boris Johnson (plus wife) broke the law about partying at a time of Covid and are to be fined. Both are crooks.
15th - So-called GOOD Friday. Delicious home-baked Hot Cross Buns. Sat in sunshine, sung to by birds. Good indeed.

17th - Easter Suite &  Easter Special

19th - Today is Bicycle Day & Anniversary of Byron's Death.

21st - Biden's poxy proxy war with Putin. No-one wins except Arms Manufacturers. Pyrrhic Victory for improper Propaganda.

22nd - 'Earthday' so they  say. We say so it is, each & every day & night too. Certainly is HERE & here & even here. Most of all right here.

25th - Created new page, Waiting.

26th - BBC NEWS Headline: "UN Chief to meet Putin as Russia warns of risk of wider war." Could go nuclear. Yesterday's Waiting spot-on topical.

 Mm Musk. Fragrantly named, if flagrantly affluent, an oligarch indeed, Elon Musk, world's richest person we are told, takes over TWITTER for 'only' 44 Billion Dollars. He promises he is a 'Free Speech absolutist,' relatively speaking I'm sure, he may well be.


lit wit re Twitter
twill be so much fitter
with more verbal litter
such token broken free spoken joking
as absurd tweeting birds drop wordy turds
Elon Musk husks of keen meaning
like haiku lite
up for a fight
but not bitter no
yes less is more
or more or less


(280 characters exact?)

Well timed for 14th Anniversary of Twitter.


27th - Turned TWEET into a neat new page. If you  retweet, 'twill become all the rage

Can't walk without stick. Disabled in some ways, well abled in others. Mislabelled? May be an invalid but am still valid.

28th - Read in 'news' today, 20% of World's reptiles under threat of extinction.  That includes gourgeous geckos. OK snakes, crocodiles etc not so cuddly but they need our love like all sentient beings. Meanwhile war, consumer capitalism, climate change continues. Keep smiling.

quick click pic?


4th - Consort took photos, I played with  filters....


5th - Karl Marx's Birthday , May 5th 1818. Bearded like me.

6th - Have been following televised coverage of Johnny Depp & Amber Heard defamation trial with interest. The commentary & analysis I've read inclines me to solidarity with J.D., who is, in my opinion, an honest & generous gentilhomme, abused by his greedy, lying ex-wife. Better off apart.

Have been re-watching Johnny Depp films. Excellent character actor. Took another look at Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. He made a good Mad Hatter in the 2 Alice films.

9th -  Presidential Election in Philippines, "Bongbong" Marcos, son of Dictator Ferdinand Marcos,,won landslide victory. Landslides are destructive. Long ago, I wrote about his mother, Imelda, aged 94, & her notorious shoe collection here.

12th - the Event Horizon Telescope captures the 2nd ever direct image of a black hole - called Sagittarius A* at centre of the Milky Way. (See first ever image, 2019)


14th - Mass shooting in Buffalo, New York State, by white-supremacist teen, who was inspired by Avoz Nazis in Ukraine, whom NATO are arming & training.

15th -  A bronze statue of Thatcher, newly  installed on a 3 metre high plinth in her home town of Grantham was  hit by well-aimed eggs in protest. Understandably, she is detested by many. I lived thru her cruel reign.


Charles Rennie MacKintosh, Rose on windowpane

  15th - NB KAMIKAZE BARD artwork, upper left.




(Above photo edited by my kind consort, after Leonardo da Vinci)

19th - Just heard an interview in which ex-President Bush condemns the invasion of IRAQ instead of Ukraine, a Freudian slip, similar to Amber Heard's mistakenly describing in court how she "repeatedly punched" herself in the temple to create bruising & referring to her "bruise kit." Such slips of the tongue are revelatory.  

24th - Bob Dylan's 81st Birthday.

Enjoying new Ultrawide QLED 5K display. Getting used to using unfamiliar interface. Thanks, to my kind consort, for helping me with such newfangleness. Home-based invalid, I soar & glide all the more!

Quick click pic

See Mt Fuji...

NB Sauvage Parfum in stylish black box on desktop to express solidarity with Johnny Depp! Penultimate day of his trial with hashtag#Amberturd, a  neologism soon to enter the dictionary one hopes.

26th - World record-breaking 1,329 'vampires' at Gothic ruins of Whitby Abbey to mark 125 year of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Do come with me on a Night Out with Dracula...

55th Anniversary of The Beatles' Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, released 26th May 1967. I rushed out to get it a day before the official release date & played it every single day for yonks afterwards. Have never ceased loving it. A real work of art. Wonderful aesthetic experience. Even played in mono on my little portable record player.

quick click pic

27th - Meanwhile, during the Trial, the Judge announced an "Amber Alert" which seemed amusingly appropriate. It was actually warning of a storm in the area.

Amber in the sense of fossilized tree resin is a beautiful gemstone wth a pleasant fragrance, whereas #Amberturd personality-wise stinks to high heaven,  metaphorically-speaking.

(Photo of Amber's turd, deposited on JD's side of the bed, as a "harmless prank." She made sure she was 'heard"!)

Incidentally, Musk (if not Elon, the man) is also fragrant.

29th - Well, well, well, Johnny Depp performed at Sheffield City Hall (ie locally for me) with famous guitarist Jeff Beck & his all female band. He sang Lennon's Isolation, apt lyrics. Good therapy after his 6 week trial.Check out the videos.
30th - ditto Royal Albert Hall London. Hearing rock & roll healing

1st July - Verdict in. Depp win. He was a victim of domestic violence at Heard's hands. Many of us say hurray. General rejoicing. Justice done.

2nd - Jubilant about Johnny Depp verdict, definitely defiantly NOT the so-called Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Joob joob joob joob joobilee

move along now nothing to see

Liz actually became queen on 6th Feb 1952 (my dear dead dad's  birthday) when her dad George VI croaked. 70 years ago, so it's her platinum Jubilee.

69 years ago, 2nd June 1953, was Elizabeth II's Coronation Day. I lived thru that. Am told that many neighbours came round to, our house cos we were the first in the street to have one of those newfangled TV things. Too young to have any recollection. My  otherwise socialist dad wrote a patriotic sonnet in celebration.
4th - Giving Union Jack shit about the Jubilee.

5th -

11th - Her MadJestTea The Queen's OFFICIAL Birthday. Ain't Monarchy mad. 96 good age.


quick click pic


16th - BLOOMSDAY...


(DK his mark)

24, 25, 26th - Glastonbury Festival Weekend. I went one year sometime in 1980s. 1981? Rained heavily. So very muddy. Soaked to skin. Overnight thru tent, sleeping bag & clothes. Performed in Theatre Tent, packed to capacity with hundreds of people. Got applause & people laughed in all the right places. Offered a few of my self-published postcards, booklets etc for sale.

This year was glorious sunshine. Paul McCartney, 80, headlined.



29th - Our son, 11+, has Aspergers with Pathological Demand Avoidance. 'Challenging' is a euphemism. Everyday, he screams, attacks us, swears, behaves badly. It is difficult to cope. My partner is in tears each day. It's very stressful for my partner, who has MS, & me, invalided - not invalidated - by a stroke. Both I & Kay are probably non-neurotypical.

30th -

The naked little girl depicted in the famous photo, Phan Thi Kim Phuc, aged 9, June 1972, survived & after half a century of pain, underwent her final round of laser treatment in June 2022.

File under U.S. Foreign Policy & Napalm.

Many years ago, I edited & colorised it a little here.

July 2nd -  Peter Brook, Film & Theatre Director. died aged 97. Saw his renowned Midsummer Night's Dream, RSC at the Aldwych Theatre, 1971. Set, a white cube, stilts, trapezes. Memorable and visually stunning. Patrick Stewart, Ben Kingsley among the actors.  At the end the cast came and shook hands with the audience. Was feeling depressed when I went & the experience cheered me up.

July 3rd - Julian Assange Birthday, 51. In max security prison. Threatened with extradition to USA. His crime revealing U.S. War Crimes to the World.

July 4th - Independence Day, USA.

July 6th - Dalai  Lama's 87th Birthday.



O how we  waited

finally Boris forced to resign

now  that's fine

we got our wish

good riddance bad rubbish

but capitalism continues unabated


12th - Thoroughly Happy Birthday Henry David Thoreau, 12 July 1817.

quick click pic

Thoreau on walking & nakedness & trees

- First images from James Webb Space Telescope released. 'The deepest and sharpest infrared image of the distant universe to date. Known as Webb's First Deep Field, this image of galaxy cluster SMACS 0723 is overflowing with detail.Thousands of galaxies - including the faintest objects ever observed in the infrared - have appeared in Webb's view for the first time. This slice of the vast universe covers a patch of sky approximately the size of a grain of sand held at arm's length by someone on the ground.

One's response to the ineffable, an inarticulate clichéd WOW, conveying awe and amazement ...


                                                       quick click pic





18th - today & tomorrow in my part of England, red warning for heat, & a 'national emergency' for the whole country. Temperatures forecast up to 41 C, hottest in the world. Wrote prophetically about global warming as far back as 1978. Maybe more people will support  XR & consider COP 26. Will try to keep cool. Getting hot & bothered won't help.


26th - James Lovelock, Climate Scientist, dies on his 103rd birthday. Came up with the Gaia theory. Although he did some important work to protect the environment, disagreed with his advocacy of Nuclear Power & fracking.

Aug.1st - Lammas, cross-quarter festivals, between solstice & equinox. See  Wheel of the Year. Loaf Mass.

Aug. 4th - Studied English at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Faversham, founded in 1587, the original half-timbered building still stands. There the pupils wrote with quills.

Arden of Faversham, anyone?

Traditional education including Shakepeare. Saw famous theatrical performances by the Royal Shakespeare Company & studied, did exam on Macbeth (Sir Alec Guinness, English Stage Company, Royal Court, 1966).

At university, more of the same. Bought Arden editions of the Bard's Plays.

Heard theory the plays had been attributed by some to Francis Bacon. But I had no reason to believe that. As a man of Kent, I'd have been quite keen on Marlowe from Canterbury.

Anyway, 70 years of Stratfordian propaganda to overcome.

Finally, I came across a YouTube video of Mark Rylance & Derek Jacobi both well known Shakespearian actors discussing the Declaration of Reasonable Doubt & discovered that site. I was fairly convinced by what I read or at least had reasonable doubt. And did more research.

I started working on this new webpage.


Aug. 5th - 75th Edinburgh Festival kicks off. I did my bit as a consumer & a performer during near decade I spent in Auld Reekie.

6th - Unhappy Anniversary of Hiroshima.

Incidentally, this site offers both 'bread & circuses', to use Ancient Roman poet Juvenal's phrase. So I hope, dear reader, you won't rise up in revolt. Free food for thought & fun entertainment.

9th - American Empire drops Plutonium bomb on Nagasaki, 1945.

11th - Full Moon.

15th - Created 2 new pages, brief verse pieces by my dad, coat & Ebbsfleet

16th - New Page: Seascape

17th - Cheered myself up by re-reading Oscar Wilde's De Profundis. Interestingly, The Soul of Man Under Socialism, which I refer to here, " is an 1891 essay by Oscar Wilde in which he expounds a libertarian socialist worldview and a critique of charity. The writing of "The Soul of Man" followed Wilde's conversion to anarchist philosophy, following his reading of the works of Peter Kropotkin." (wiki)

Coincidentally, another great Irish writer, James Joyce, was also an Anarchist.

22nd - Beach sewage is in the news again. See Dirty Seaside Postcard.

23rd -

Studying Wittgenstein. He was keen on Tolstoy's Gospel in Brief. Leo was a Christian Anarchist. Vide The Kingdom of God Within & What I Believe. All texts available free online. (Cf Quakers, George Fox Pacifism, & Gerard Winstanley of the Diggers). Much to contemplate...




24th - Created new page, an old short story by my Dad, called Project Earth.

30th - Gorbachev, last leader of Soviet Union died, aged 91. Introduced Perestroika (restructering)and Glasnost or openness. Offered Nuclear Disarmament by 2000.




Sept.1st - Am watching Russian film of Tolstoy's War & Peace, 4K and ambient sound headphones, all FREE. That's what I call value for money! Incidentally, I did a webpage called War & Peace!

5th - Liz Truss announced as new PM. Incidentally, Yours Truly wears a Truss everyday, as I have an Inguinal Hernia. However, Liz Truss is no joke!

8th - Anniversary of my dad's death. Some of his work here.

The Queen died, aged 96.

quick click pic

They tell us the Nation is in a period of mourning. and that is an order. Our so-called Sovereign is now a right Charley, Charles III. We haven't forgotten what happened to the first Charles. Our present one will have to be careful not to lose his head, even metaphorically speaking.

9th - Unhappy Anniversary.



quite a queue

to view the queen

late head of state

don't be late








19th - late so-called Queen's funeral:

  accompanying coffin to cathedral
red jacketed guards
wearing dead bears on their heads
in solemn slow procession
beefeaters sailors and men with plumed head buckets
bagpipers and some drummers
pomp circumstance
that sort of thing
you know it makes sense

Just a mo, a minute's silence...

God save


22nd -

now each moment
quantum spume
all good
fresh pure
completely perfect

Dzogchen Towards Equinox...

01:03 Friday 23rd

Officially Autumn

27th - Created new page of my dad's short story, A Hole in a Field

OCTOBER - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. time passes, doesn't it just...

"Especially when the October wind" blows, I close my  windows.

8th - Human Chain round Parliament for Julian Assange, stretching over Lambeth Bridge and beyond. Such an unprecedented protest doesn't merit coverage by the BBC.

9th - Anniversary of Lennon's Birthday.

12th - Our son was finally diagnosed as Autistic, high-functioning, used to be called Asperger's, as we thought. Waited three years for an appointment. It was no surprise. He had all the classic symptoms. I suspect I have had Asperger's too. Might explain a lot. Lots of well-known, talented people like Steve Jobs, Bill ,Gates, Anthony Hopkins etc are Aspies.

13th - Created new page, Rainbow Body.

20th - The "illustrious" Liz Truss resigns after only 44 days. Shortest serving prime minister in British history, a record-breaker. During her brief reign, the pound crashed, inflation rose, she wrecked the economy, etc. We lost pounds!

21st - Yet another little new page, mantra.

Anniversary of Aberfan disaster.

Meanwhile I'm

touring world on TV
in upscaled 8K ultra HD
going everywhere
without leaving armchair
far less tiring
than real thing

also saves time

24th - All change. Oligarch Rishi Sunak now PM. Incidentally, his wife is a billionare. Can they empathise? Nah.

28th - Our present difficult circumstances, war, conflict, pandemic, things falling apart, billions of animals suffering, environmental degradation etc characteristic of the Kali Yuga...

29th - Got the new Super Delux 2 CD Version of The Beatles' Revolver new stereo mix - sounds clean, spacious separation between instruments. Interesting outtakes. Lots of listening.s

31st - Hallowe'en (trick or treat?)  halloween.gif (2842 bytes)

Dancing Skeletons?

November 1st - Day of the Dead. All Saints' Day.

2nd- Day of the Dead. All Souls' Day. Well, people die day & night. A dead certainty. None of us know when.

3rd- Created new poem & webpage, Cold Mountain, radical autobiographical adaptation and greatly abridged abbreviation, adaptation of Tang Poet Han-Shan.

5th - Rainy bonfire.gif (3108 bytes) night. Splashed out on sparklers for son, young Oak.

7th -

slam scam
cop out of COP 27
it's no way to heaven


(as sponsored by Coca Cola)

Remember COP26?.

Created new page, LAST OFFICE. This dates back to pre-digital days, when arithmetic was done by adding up figures on paper. No computers. Ridiculously tedious. In the so-called Security  Supplies Department. ID was checked when I entered the building in morning. One day was hauled before big boss in another room for daring to wear a CND badge. This was considered subversively impermissible. It was refreshing break from paperwork to have a heated discussion about something meaningful.


10th - MSM headlines predictable Putin putain, a pun.

11th - Remembrance Day. Wearing Peace Pledge Union White Poppy:

As well as my  father's Remembrance Day. He served as a soldier in World War 2.

2 mins Silence.

Passing thought:


soon to meet again

so when

not yet


always one breath away from death
read guidebook for the dead
so as not to get lost in the bardo

15th - World's human population projected to reach 8 BILLION!

19th - Made artificial version of me, a so-called avatar:


21st -

now listen to this

so it's destination sukhavati
pure land of bliss


24th -


ain't no Milarepa

tho I do eat nettles

& sing songs


25th - National & global 'news' so negative, can't bear to contemplate.

27th - First Sunday in Advent. It's that time of year again. Premature celebration of xmas clichés: nativity.html


3rd - This website is a tricksy bricolage! Why not consult dictionary?Google it. Wikipedia is useful to explain definitions & connotations of this useful French loanword.
Made of bricks? Plancks? Collage? For arrondissements or districts of this site, do take a look. Fellow mortal remember, each page a portal.

7th - Noam Chomsky's Birthday, 94, here & there, hurray!
8th -
Anniversary of Lennon's death, here.

Bodhi Day today.

11th - Snowing/ed, white stuff, like here, here, here  or there... putting the 'brr' as it were in Decembrr.

quick click pic or

13th - Bon Anniversaire, Feliz Aniversário, or Happy Birthday. 71 today.

So grateful being alive in this human incarnation with a grace-hoper mind, ego, within still unchanging awareness, Beckettian unnameable Raving Reporter, Kamikaze Bard, Davy King or/AKA Karma Tsering Paljor (Dharma name), this impermanent name/form, empty of inherent existence.

Incidentally, St Lucy's Day, Patron of writers, lights, people with eye troubles, lamplighters etc.

Recently deceased Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh called a Birthday ''Continuation day"...

18th - World Cup result. Big deal. Not interested in competitive sports. Here's an amusing little piece about football/soccer.

Played hard, adding new material & hyperlinks to this topical page.

21st - Today, Winter SOLSTICE, shortest day, darkest, longest night. Beginning of Yuletide.

Yule be lucky.

23rd - Light returning. Hours of delightful daylight gradually getting longer.

24th -  Xmas or Christmas Eve. Excess Eve... R.U. ready?

Will you join me for A Teddy Bear's Xmas?

 25th - Just Another Day.

Birthday of Muhammed Ali, Isaac NewtonQuentin Crisp & countless millions of others, but NOT of the historical Jesus!

Dalai Lama fled Lhasa, Tibet (1950); British & German troops observed ceasefire WW1 (1914)...


Wishing Christ Consciouness to one and all. The kingdom/ republic/ dimension of Heaven/ Sky/ Spaciousness is within.

Feat of festive feasting...

Continuing thru Boxing Day and beyond.

30th -  creating new webpage, un(en)titled.

31st New Year's Eve, Hogmanay.

New Year's Resolutions?

with New Year's Resolution
to start a revolution
begin rotating now
for remaining dervish days

Ring out the old etc..



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Digital Graffiti Artist

Yours Truly


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