kissing thru face-masks
no holding hands
is still quite romantic
if feeling frantic
a loved one might die
or become a statistic



should we self-isolate
in our quarantined love-nest
after taking the test
I’m hardly immune to you
we're positive both
love & commitment can conquer all


could have a ball
kissing thru face-masks
not holding hands


challenging choices
seem sent to try us
here in this time of Coronavirus


After Gabriel Garcia Marquez,long after

(March 2020)



The new coronavirus, as imaged by an electron microscope
Zhu et al/NEJM © 2020, Massachusetts Medical Society





by government decree



Corona Central

Corona graffiti

Corona clap

Swine Flu?

Bird Flu?

Last Gasp





Photo Credit: Viacheslav Iacobchuk
Photo Edit: D.K.

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Now wash your hands!


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