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(A Laureate Lay)


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nter Good Queen Bess the Second

undoubtedly the proudest mum in all the land


she carries an umbrella

not a sceptre in her hand

in case the sun does not come out as planned


yon common wind is overbold

conspiring to displace the royal hair

it must be this season’s treason


but never fear

though leaden skies may drizzle down on gold

mere rain won’t stop play

pomp & circumstance will save the day

our reigning sovereign rules OK


imposing pageantry proceeds on cue


now live on stage

our glorious heritage


the star of the show

sits pretty on a modest throne

poised waiting to receive his crown


behold a tableau vivant for the tabloids


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they pose for the official photos

like three waxwork dummies from Madame Tussauds


we humble subjects venerate

such trappings of state




a grand procession

with a measured pace

& not a foot put wrong


the crowd is moved

then moved along

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Prince Charles (Right Charley)

Royal Wedding (Chas & Di)

The Queen (Not Amused)




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