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      Well well well my my my

Charlie’s getting married to Lady Di


dearly-beloved by the Bourgeoisie

they’re a perfect couple he & she


we’ve had Philip & Liz & Anne & Mark

golly how those Royals court & spark


studs & mares are sure to breed

so heirs galore can be guaranteed


jolly good show but wasn’t it frustrating

the way they kept loyal subjects waiting


let’s give the bride & groom three cheers

then go & buy some souvenirs


imagine what they’ve got in their bottom drawer

all those crowns & things you couldn’t ask for more


the icing on their cake will be inches thick

isn’t it enough to make you sick


it isn’t exactly very funny

when you think of the waste of public money


with social services being cut back

& millions of workers getting the sack


proclaim a holiday in celebration

to forestall a Strike across the Nationcharles&difairytale.jpg (16949 bytes)


but despite the direction the country’s heading

it’s bound to be a lovely wedding


& as we watch it on TV

it’ll take our minds off World War III


they’ll get married in a right royal manner

I’d give ‘em the works if I had a spanner

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Davy King


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Audio: Wedding March from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'  by Felix Mendelssohn

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