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             Loneliness of the long-distance punner...


Loneliness is one of the saddest worlds in the Singlish Language, if not the hole Solo System.

Went there this morning but returned because I remembered I'd arranged to meet you.

Can't say I enjoyed my visit. Felt homesick. Would have been nice to have had some company.

The planet is quite uninhabitable, probably hostile to life if one were to stay for any length of time.

You should go there sometime & see for yourself. It's easy to get to & not so very far away. It's an experience not to be missed. Only don't go there on your own like I did. Might drive you mad.

Perhaps one day it will be colonised. But humans are sure to change the place. They'll build houses & roads, install telephones to chat to each other, hold get-togethers. We are said to be a gregarious species.

Of course, pioneers have been there before but they've left. A few crazed hermits might have endured the unfavourable conditions for a yearn or two. For me half a day was enough, more than enough to linger & languish, let alone longer.

Your Raving Reporter

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