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photosignature.jpg (30261 bytes)*The Bum

*Millenium (1999-2000)

* An Ill Wind (Fascinating Facts & Fantasies about F***ing)





*Poodles against Blair

*Yellowed Press Cuttings

*Littery Remains

*Man in Manila

*Silent Night (Xmas Eve)

*Flavor of the Month

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*Quick & Painless Way to Die

*Selected REJECTED

*Bygone June


*Instant Happiness & Prosperity

*Beginning Origami

*Loneliness of the long-distance punner

*The World of Letters

*Gormless Gourmand

*History of the Hot Cross Bun

*Time Zones

*Meeting with a Famous Man

*Nowhere Man


*Connoisseur of Manure

*The Great Wall of China

*The Mutant Pidgin Problem

*Pet in the Bath (2020)

*Calm in a Teacup (2020)

*Corona Graffiti (April 2020)

*Corona Chic (May 2020)

* Why KAMIKAZE Bard? (May 2020)

* Under Construction? (May 2020)

* Celtic Memories? (May 2020)

* Notes on Trinity Atomic Test (June 2020)

* Turning Japanese (July 2020)

     * Naked in the Garden (August 2020)

     * Exams Examined (Feb 2022)

NB lots more PROSE fiction & non-fiction here


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