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(Milne's Bar, Edinburgh)


poets come from far & wide

following the Good Beer Guide


these pilgrims going for a jar

are not content with just any bar


when they want to take a pewfullmilnesplaque2.jpg (121063 bytes)

Milne's & only Milne's will do


Mermaid Tavern of the North

quite close to the Firth of Forth


its notoriety has spread

to writers & the better read


so customers arriving here

don't come only for the beer


the clientele are never vague

they always ask for N. MacCaig


to MacDiarmid & Maclean

they drink a toast of pink champagnemcewans.gif (11834 bytes)


if doggerel appeals to you

McEwan's Export might just do


drunken rhymesters sat in rows

never stoop so low as prose


drink's a vice but so is verse

& who's to say which one is worse


methinks the twain shall never part

they stand united booze & art



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Note misspellings!

[plaque photo: DK]

Review of this verse:

'I like it' ~ Professor Laurie Taylor (Sociologist & Broadcaster)