Dishonorable discharge?

Much indignation when a drunken student (hardly an oxymoron) urinated on a War Memorial recently (Sheffield, 11th October 2009).

Funnily enough, 19 year old Philip Laing had been on the aptly-named “Carnage” pub crawl for students, which is perhaps preferable to participating in the actual carnage of war. Bear in mind how many soldiers of his age & even younger have died in bloody pointless battle.

Why is relieving nature on an inanimate object, whatever its symbolic significance, considered more offensive than war itself where throughout the ages countless millions have lost their lives? Isn't making water better than making war?

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Not dead, just sleeping it off...


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"Carnage is the name of the organisation who promote this type of activity.
“The image of your urinating on the poppy wreath at the war memorial in this city will make most turn away in disgust, shock and sadness. It has undoubtedly distressed and upset many. The war memorial is a sacred and special place.”

District Judge Anthony Browne
Sheffield Magistrate's Court
(4th November 2009)


dolce et decorum est pro patria mori

in vino veritas

wash away the blood of war
we don't want it anymore
nor memorials of yore
to all that gore
that poured in torrents from the fallen poor

sure no-one is above the law
yet if you're not at liberty to pee
in what sense are you truly free

so urinate without restraint
new water cleanses blood's old taint

you'll do well to irrigate
red poppies for their opiate

mainline morphine in a vein
or drown your sorrows to kill pain

blood sweat tears soak earth like rain
mourners repeat a worn refrain
never again

forget remembrance of the dead
celebrate today instead
life is to be lived you know
let liquor love & laughter flow
& if you have to go just go


On 26th November 09, a sober, besuited & contrite young but not so hopeful Philip Laing was sentenced to 250 hours Community Service (slave labour by another name?) & ordered to pay 185 costs. It had proved to be an expensive night out on the piss for him.

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