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'Thou shalt not kill'

Webcast: Latest War

Iraq Scrapbook (headlines, highlights, anims)


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(A.J.Muste, American Pacifist

- remember, not all Americans are war-mongers!)


Iraq Attaq

Tourist Trips to Iraq (now cancelled until further notice)

Empyre 9/11


Kamikaze (in 3 Easy Lessons)

Falklands War (Frantic Antics...)

Falklands War (the movie)

Remembrance Day

N.A.T.O.(Cold War Relic)

Dance on the Silos (lyrics)

Dance on the Silos (video)

"Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy."

- Henry Kissinger

Holy Holocaust

Watching the Horrorshow

Peace Piece

Atoms for Peace/War

Enemy Within


War on Drugs

War against Nature

Battle of the Sexes

Late News

Tomorrow's News (Disarmament Fantasy)

Snowdrop During Wartime

ST. PAUL'S (LONDON MAY 11th 1941)

War & Piss


Which do YOU prefer?

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Dropping bombs is wrong, children...

& dropping bombs on children is even wronger...

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(neutral bird-fanciers, please note: these

are merely allegorical clichés. No actual

feathers were ruffled during the making of

this animation.)


Photo by Nick Ut

Extra Artwork: DK



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Audio: Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms

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