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        Performance Blurb

        Performing Doggerel

        Performing with Apple


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   A Death-Defying Stunt!

   Yoga Lesson

   Soapbox Operatics

   Deaf & Dumbshow

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Veteran (admire the medals, see the scars!) of

8 Edinburgh Fringe Festivals,

Glastonbury Festival (Theatre  Tent),

Stonehenge Festival (Hawkwind  Stage)

Extant Recordings, available via:

1) The British Library, National Sound  Archive - Catalogue Number C150, Davy King on Calton Hill, Edinburgh (performed & compered, with Adrian Henri & Adrian Mitchell), AUDIO

2) Scottish Screen Archive, Glasgow - Acquisition Ref. A1323, Peace Benefit (Live performance, 1hr 6mins, with Norman MacCaig), VIDEO


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PS - also performed at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, near Wakefield

& Hall for Cornwall, Truro



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audio excerpts of live performance

performance videos

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