about the political future


we must be


because of intelligence


because of will

like Gramsci opined


 what we  need to do

we can just make up our mind

indeed we will



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"I'm a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will."
Antonio Gramsci in a Letter from Prison (December 1929)

Antonio Gramsci "You must realize that I am far from feeling beaten...it seems to me that a man out to be deeply convinced that the source of his own moral force is in himself - his very energy and will, the iron coherence of ends and means - that he never falls into those vulgar, banal moods, pessimism and optimism. My own state of mind synthesises these two feelings and transcends them: my mind is pessimistic, but my will is optimistic. Whatever the situation, I imagine the worst that could happen in order to summon up all my reserves and will power to overcome every obstacle."


''How to be positive in these perilous times? Humankind and the planet are facing enormous dangers. We can indulge in magical thinking and hope for miracles or we can ground ourselves in reality, understand the depth of the crises we face and then act to change things. It won't be easy. There are huge obstacles and difficulties. Our task going forward is to find kindred spirits, organize and work to create a decent future. We may be inspired by the adage, Pessimism of the intellect, Optimism of the will. It was made famous by the great 20th century Italian Marxist thinker and writer Antonio Gramsci. A dedicated anti-fascist Gramsci languished for 11 years in Mussolini's jails where his health deteriorated. He died in 1937. Today, there is a revival of interest in Gramsci and his work. " - Chomsky




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