...time hurries on. It's next year already.

Jan 1st ~ Still NOW. A powerful, timeless time. Begin again, as good old Finnegan said.

6th ~ Created new webpage, Feast of Epiphany

days into new year

another repeat of fear

same old same o dear

expect we could cheer up

take steps in a positive direction

as it were

breathe in out

that's what it's all about


8th ~ Using "Attar Ltd. Oud" - Attar was the name of the Sufi poet who wrote "Conference of the Birds"


9th ~ Continuing...

no need to report

yesterday's news

superfluous thought

same old blues


10th ~ Famous guitarist Jeff Beck died, aged 78. RIP, let rip.

Added soundtrack 'All Blue'  from Miles Davis'  Kind of Blue to page, road.

Friday 13th ~ Unlucky for some, though I was born on 13th. Unhappy Anniversary of James Joyce's death.

Added soundtrack "Hope" from Mahavishnu Orchestra's "Birds of Fire" to page, Hope

14th - Created new page, inconsequential, soundtrack music by Nils Frahm.

15th - Proudhon's Birthday (1809). Started creating new webpage, expt.

          And another small one, just for fun.

17th - Tiny new webpage, Curry, in case you're hungry for more.

      Playing with this, laconic, nonsense verse.

18th - More NEW pages, fly, quest, leap, busy boy.

19th - Play? Anyone for a new page? And another, oldnew.

20th - diary, for what is becoming daily new piece. Yet again. splash!

21st - It's nice, so i'm celebrating a new page

22nd - Anniversary of Byron's death and Thich Nhat Hahn's.

We can still work and play for Political Utopia or it'll be our Requiem

Lunar or Chinese New Year of the Rabbit

Another bunny

& BTW a WATER bunny

23rd - Attempting to make a CREATIVE response to the world I'm in. How about this tasty new page, wisdom? Or this colourful one, polychrome?

24th - Assange not forgotten, following Belmarsh Tribunal in Washington DC yesterday, here's a new page/poem

Waiting for latest Doomsday Clock announcement coming today. Ho hum.

Now it''s moved forward to 90 SECONDS to midnight!

25th - Conscious? New Page Poem. Experimented wth this little prayer.

26th - Ukraine? New Page!

30th - by magic, did this, Merlin. Gathered links new pages in 2023, here.

Vandalised The Bard  by Thomas Jones


                                 quick click pic

31st -a new webpage about change for the last day of the month, transmute. And another good one. Third today, VIEW.

1st Feb ~ Cross Quarter Day, Imbolc, St Brigid's Day.


2nd Feb - musing on matters this morning, as one does, I came to the conclusion that I prefer Elves to Elvis. former only exist in imagination, though so does latter really. The difference a vowel makes.

James Joyce's Birthday (1882). Listen to his lovely lilting voice, (hear here) it's YOUR choice!

Grey day? New page!

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Audio: Conference of the Birds by Dave Holland Quartet

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Another track by DHQ on TAO NOW

to be continued...

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