who on earth

do we think we are

Mankind Almighty

blah blah blah


we're called People

we wear nice clothes

what we are up to

God only knows


we were born naked

we dress to kill

beneath it all

we're naked still


the world's our stage

the show's sold out

we're actors

in a knockabout


we hurt & hate

tho life is short

we long for love

that can't be bought


we think we're important

we think too much

what everyone wants is

somebody to touch


we're only human

mortal clay

the flesh is weak

so let us pray


we talk & talk

& talk some more

but fall silent

at death's door




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I know death hath ten thousand several doors
For men to take their exits; and 'tis found
They go on such strange geometrical hinges,
You may open them both ways: ...

(The Duchess of Malfi - John Webster , 1614)


book of life

at half a century

death/ fun at the funeral

blood relations



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