fun fun fun at the funeral:-


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Human Condition

Obituary Hits

Deaf Mute Shot Dead

Cost of Living/ Dying


Abortion Lullaby

Skeleton Man

End of a needle/edge of a blade

The Quick & Painless Way to Die

Loose Leaf Life (All Dying Fall)

Daffodil don't die

Snuffed it


Macabre Memento

Peak Experience

Time, Death & Mr Keats

Death in Venice

A Romantic Horror Story

Kiss of Death?

Deadly Coronavirus Kiss?


a breath away

Rainbow Body


(et passim)



















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( KAMIKAZE BARD  in cardboard coffin)




'Every third thought shall be my grave' (Prospero, The Tempest, Shakespeare)




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0000alasanimnew.gif (51103 bytes) 'Alas...I knew him...'


PS I nearly forgot, it's not only humans who die...


blood relations

take a butchers


the final solution


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Not to mention those 'insignificant' insects...

snuffed it



                                                                   it seems to be a Fact of Life...

'Twas ever thus:

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 End of the sound loop may cheer you up with the fun of the fair..

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