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  "Shows signs of life" (Editor's comment on rejection slip)


  good grass


opens dimensions

of subtle awareness

undreamt of

in ordinary consciousness

Rogue’s Gallery:

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(Photographic evidence of the author breaking a stupid law.)

naughty naughty, but so what...

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(NB for legal purposes, this is a work of fiction.)




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Turn on & turn up the volume & you will hear:

Snippet of "Legalise It" by Peter Tosh plus Rolling Stoned remix with lyrics by Davy King....oh and that notorious quote from President Clinton claiming that he 'didn't inhale', honest, ha ha, and the Beatles are in there somewhere too (212KB)



  "Legalize It",  Peter Tosh

Legalize it, don`t Criticize it,
Legalize it, yea-ha yea-ah,
and I will Advertise it

Some call it Tamjee,(?)
Some call it Weed,
Some call it Marijuana,
Some of them call it Ganja,
Never mind,Got to.
(Chorus) Legalize it....

Singers smoke it,
and Players of Instrument,too
Legalize it,yea-ha,yea-ah
That`s the best thing you can do,
Doctors smoke it,
Nurses smoke it,
Judges smoke it,
Even the lawyer,too
so you`ve Got to
(Chorus) Legalize it....
It's Good for the Flu
Good for Asthma,
Good for Tuberculosis,
Even Pneumo Thrombosis (?)
Got to....
Birds eat it,
Ants love it,
Fowls eat it,
Goats love to play with it
So you`ve got to
[Please note, some words may be misheard]


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under my thumb


there is some hash

under my finger

... nails

there's quite a stash


Lyric: Davy King


(with apologies to Mick Jagger & Keith Richards!)


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Support Medicinal Cannabis for relief from pain etc  




CannabisScan.gif (2956 bytes) re.leaf

[Scan of leaf from home-grown plant. Planted seed, watered, nurtured, & watched it grow...a miraculous, natural process, beautiful to behold. Now, what's 'wrong' with that?]

redhand.gif (38603 bytes) caught red-handed?

                  Prohibition is wrong in principle & doesn't work in practice.

High time to tell the politicians some of us are grown-up now & don't want to be treated like naughty children!



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Letter to MANILA TIMES, published 22 June 2002:

  Re. Death penalty for marijuana possession

  I was shocked and deeply disturbed to read of the recent new anti-drug laws in the Philippines.

  I have visited your beautiful country three times and lived there for 11 months, [....] so you could say part of my heart is very much with you.

  The threat to impose the death penalty for possession of marijuana is a gross over-reaction and would be absurd if it were not so frightening. With all the various problems facing the Philippines, tougher laws against soft drugs would not seem to be a pressing priority. Here in the UK, by contrast, cannabis is about to be decriminalized.

  Marijuana is a natural plant, mentioned in the Bible as a healing herb. Your catholic president should consult the Good Book!

Davy King
(Sent by e-mail)                                    

  (Talking of my beloved but perverse Philippines... )







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On being busted for cultivating cannabis plants in 1973, Paul McCartney said: "we got sent some seeds thru the post, planted them & 5 came up...illegal"

"Having a substance should not be considered a crime, because so far it's victimless. If you want to talk about distributing substances that are lethal, yeah, that oughta be brought up, but then, let's be serious. Tobacco is far ahead of anything else. Alcohol is second. Hard drugs are way down the bottom, and furthermore most drug use, though it's very harmful for the person, has very little social effect. The crime associated with hard drugs is mostly a consequence of criminalization. If the principle is, let's not get lethal substances out to the public, the first one you'd go after is tobacco, the next one you'd go after is alcohol, way down the list you'd get to cocaine, and sort of invisibly low you'd get to marijuana"


ISN'T IT CRAZY? BANANAS! (eg. in the UK, cannabis seeds are legal, growing the plants isn't. Fresh magic mushrooms are legal, dried ones NOT*. You know this makes sense! Why not decriminalise the natural world - or is that a daft idea? After all, it's the 21st Century so it's either much too late or too early yet for such pastoral utopianism.)







as of 18th July 20cubensis.jpg (24268 bytes)05, the war criminal Blair's government has changed the law to make even FRESH magic mushrooms ILLEGAL....



BUT dropping Bombs on innocent women & children IS legal?!

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Rewrite reality in metaphorical ink of psilocybin...

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a good dose for an exquisitely beautiful & uplifting experience...


Until recently, you could have received the SACRAMENT of the SACRED MUSHROOM

from the Sacred Mushroom Church in Switzerland.

There was a banner ad

& link here


However, Pastor David, who ran this organizsation, was imprisoned by the Swiss authorities (2006)


























The new truffle variety seems easily as potent as Psilocybe Atlantis.

I took the 2 samples (24 gm) on an empty stomach (which is definitely recommended).

Within half an hour (the time it took to slowly chew all the truffles), I was already ‘coming up’, feeling the first effects. Appreciation of music was noticeably enhanced as I lay down & closed my eyes to enjoy the internal light-show, gradually beginning its shy fairy dance...

The mushroom seemed to be saying: "the time to talk is afterwards. Now shut up & pay attention."

I had a sense of being shown something important & truly extraordinary, beyond quotidian mundane consensus reality.

A phantasmagorical cascade of inner visions, a veritable treasure of exquisitely beautiful closed-eyed visuals - ever changing, (metallic, crystalline, silken, organic, alive), shape-shifting, rapidly evolving, kaleidoscopic, gleaming, jewelled, intricate mandalas in a rich & subtle palette of colours, beyond description.

Lost all sense of time as my attention became present-focused in the eternal now. Time dilated: didn’t even think about looking at a clock for about 3 & a half hours & that seemed like forever.

Psilocybin is like a magic key unlocking the mind, giving access to new neural pathways, previously undreamt of.

3 hours or so of intensely psychedelic, euphoric otherness giving way to a gentle descent of about 3 hours during which I experienced great mental clarity, insights, novel ideas, spontaneous laughter, verbal flow, volubility & empathic togetherness.

All in all, a pleasant, friendly, therapeutic, mind-expanding, deeply meaningful experience that leaves a feeling of warm-hearted well-being.





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'the so-called "war on drugs" is not a war on pills, powder, plants, and potions, it is war on mental states — a war on consciousness itself — how much, what sort we are permitted to experience, and who gets to control it. More than an unintentional misnomer, the government-termed "war on drugs" is a strategic decoy label; a slight-of-hand move by the government to redirect attention away from what lies at ground zero of the war — each individual’s fundamental right to control his or her own consciousness.'

Richard Glen Boire, Esq., 'On Cognitive Liberty' (Part 2)






DK sez:

"At various times, I've used Cannabis, Alcohol, & Tobacco. In my experience, of the three, Cannabis is the least harmful. Unlike the other two, it's not addictive.

If the Law were rational, either Cannabis would be legalised or the other two would be banned.

Anyway, I now use none of them. I don't even drink coffee anymore! I prefer a natural high..."











"Il faut Ítre toujours ivre" (Baudelaire, who was a bit of a fiend for Hashish, but it was  still legal then, so that makes it OK!)animcannabis.gif (61690 bytes)

Choose your poison! What is YOUR recreational drug of choice?                    

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