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I read The Beatles' final album, Abbey Road was going to be called Everest, maybe a fitting title, (certainly it's some sort of  summit) but they couldn’t be bothered to travel to the Himalayas for a photoshoot. Less pretentiously, they made it to the local Zebra Crossing outside the Studios instead & more modestly settled for that.

In mem



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PS - 2021, Get Back film.


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Original poster by the art collective The Fool. The poster was designed for the Apple Boutique in 1967.
  PS - Fans of the Rolling Stones will be pleased to discover short blasts of their music here:-

Street Fighting Man

Gimme Shelter

Tumbling Dice

 &, while you're at it, check out Jimi

... not forgetting Elvis

Who's a Baby-Boomer then?!

Michael Jackson?


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'in the end the love you make

is equal to the love you take'