Large.Magellanic Cloud.jpg (16856 bytes)

dark at six

in the tropics


mosquitoes bite

like little vampires of the night


guys beware

love's in the airSmallMagellanicCloud.jpg (13654 bytes)


love at first sight

for those who dare

in war all's fair


black-haired girls

in social whirls

unfurl their wares

in crowded karaoke barsmilkyway3.jpg (47887 bytes)


drunk punters croon

beneath the moon

& southern stars

they lose their cares


they bare their souls

in teeming shoalsphilippinereefedit2.jpg (121608 bytes)

undercurrents running deep


sorrows drowned

in siren song's seductive sound


the reckless wrecked on a hidden reef

will come to grief


well life is cheap


a lucky few have sex then go to sleep




Love & Sex


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Soundtrack: Debussy, Clair de Lune

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