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From the Kitchen Sink...

Marine Pollution


Tuvalu (Rising Tide)

Rainy Season

Noah's Ark (Children's Story)

St Swithin's Day


Kamikaze in 3 Easy Lessons

Interrogation of the Sea (with sound)

Fisherman & Fish Market (photos)

Beach at Windscale/ Welcome to the Cumbrian Coast

Dirty Seaside Postcard (with sound)

Supertanker sinks...S.O.S.

Marina Restaurant

Great Wave

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"The wars of the twenty-first century will be fought over water."

(Ismail Serageldin, Vice President of World Bank)





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"Only about 4% of the world's oceans remain undamaged by human activity, according to the first detailed global map of human impacts on the seas. "

Source: BBC, re. study published in 'Science' journal. (15 Feb 2008)


NEWS ALERT: 'Prozac found in Britain's Drinking Water' (Reuters, 8 Aug 2004)

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(photo: Davy King)


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(Author in souwester, at Margate, 1978)


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PS not forgetting other fluids, 'cos don't we all just love those lushush liquids...

~ (water into) WINE

~ 'water of life', uisge beatha, firewater, WHISKY


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[NB banner made BEFORE the Asian Tsunami... inadvertently prophetic or what?]

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                                                                                                         ride a wild sea horse

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Making Waves