well isn't this a bit

exotically erotic

or actually erratic

being realistic

dramatic phatic

sometimes apophatic

fantastic foxy ranter  banter

not quite systematic

according to phase of  moon lunatic

got a whole lot of tics

poetic synthetic

pathetic bathetic

definitely defiantly noetic


excuse me for trying to be  didactic

got a whole lot of tics

a whole lot of tics

a little syncretic

good news gospel truth

consider myself

slightly mystic


used to be semi agnostic

perhaps slightly caustic sarcastic


even high functioning autistic

may have a tic


always at my back I hear

the clock tick tock

somewhat shocking


just carry on


but strictly no smoking

tho  remember this memento

we all die



life can be so hectic

I can get apoplectic

whole lot of tics

sing it to you your own tune

you could make a fortune

with a new tune


rhyme or no rhyme

every time

or prose

anything goes

most folk won't even look

or listen

slang sick



when you mark this

please give it a tick

give pic a quick click


  (6 Feb 2023)

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