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'you don't need a weatherman

to know which way the wind blows...' (Dylan)

This site keeps changing like the weather - maybe it will be sunny tomorrow!


outlook for the next 24 hours...


Funny Periods & Scattered Flowers.

Possibility of Isolated Frog Patches.

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Tuvalu (Tide rising)

Rainy Season


The piece above may have seemed far-fetched when I wrote it in 1978. I was merely voicing concerns that were beginning to be heard about the then-new phenomenon of Global Warming. (That far back? O yes!) My warning proved prophetic. There is now scientific consensus that Climate Change is a reality. It's already happening...

Unless we as a species change our way of life RADICALLY, our very survival is in jeopardy. We must start to live more simply.


St Swithin's Day

Fight of the Year





COP 26


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