(Corona Clap Trap)



Boris Johnson claps the nurses
after sending off in hearses
some without protective gear

why expect a sincere tear

your less than perfect leader holds the purse
deciding who gets well or dies in fear

inertia made the situation worse

as he protects his dear career
maybe he deserves our curse
instead of a resounding cheer


                                                                                                   (4th May 2020)




(NB to hear embedded sound, enable audio in your browser)

If you are patient enough to listen till the end of the clapping,

Bowie's vocal line 'the darkest hour' evokes the sort of heroic

Churchillian Blitz vibe Bullingdon Boris would like us to associate with him.

In another sense, it is indeed the darkest hour for us that this blond bombshell is running the show.

 Gratitude to nurses & other frontline NHS staff  might be more meaningfully expressed

with better pay & conditions, not to mention adequate P.P.E.


Historical Fact (remember those?):


B.J. & most of the ruling rightwing regime

voted against increasing nurses' pay in 2017.

Just so you know.


To show our appreciation we could give the government

 a slow hand clap.



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