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                      4 - Henri Cartier-Bresson dies (1908-2004)

                           bresson1932.jpg (11700 bytes)     (photo 1932)

                     6 - America drops Atomic Bomb (Uranium) on Hiroshima (1945)

                                         Animationhiroshima4.gif (27428 bytes)

                      - Also, the world's first website,, was launched (1991). See Tim Berners-Lee

kingkong.jpg (14085 bytes)  faywray1.jpg (2921 bytes)

8   - Fay Wray, actress who played damsel in distress in 1933 film 'King Kong' dies aged 96 (2004)


                     9 - America drops Atomic Bomb (Plutonium) on Nagasaki (1945) see nuke-free This implosion-type plutonium device was first tested at Trinity Site.

                         - Death of Hermann Hesse, 1962, aged 85. German-born Swiss poet, novelist, painter, famous for Steppenwolf, Siddhartha, The Glass Bead Game among many other books.

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                     12 - William Blake died, aged 69 (1827)

Blake'sGrave.jpg (9588 bytes)  

My dear Friend,

Lest you should not have heard of the Death of Mr. Blake I have written this to inform you — He died on Sunday Night at 6 o'clock in a most glorious manner. He said He was going to that Country he had all His life wished to see & expressed himself Happy hoping for Salvation through Jesus Christ — Just before He died His Countenance became fair — His eyes Brightened and He burst out in Singing of the things he Saw in Heaven. In Truth He died like a Saint as a person who was standing by Him Observed. He is to be Buryed on Friday at 12 in the morning. Should you like to go to the Funeral — If you should, there will be room in the Coach.

Yrs. G. Richmond

                    15 - René Magritte, Surrealist artist, died 1967, aged 69


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                  16 - Deathday of Elvis, so-called King (1977),

elvisarmy2.jpg (4383 bytes)elvisnixon2.jpg (12363 bytes)

    Tho' as John Lennon said: " Elvis really died the day they put him in the army.

    That's when they killed him, & the rest was a living death."




16 - Peterloo Massacre (1819)

Peterloo_carlile.jpg (46779 bytes)

17 - Birthday of Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier

21 - Dr Robert Moog, inventor of the electronic synthesiser (used by The Beatles, among many other musicians) dies, aged 71 (2005)

24 - Hoaxer Poet Thomas Chatterton, 'the marvellous boy', committed suicide, aged only 17.

Chatterton.jpg (25312 bytes)

25 - Died 1900, Nietzsche (NOT pronounced Nitchy, definitely niet!), Freddy to his friends, German philosopher (among other things), sported a splendid moustache, noted the death of God, reports of which have been greatly exaggerated. (Cf God dies in Earthquake)

Wrote “Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for All & None”

Eternal return? Übermensch?

Most know “Also Sprach Zarathustra” as the title of a piece of music by Richard Strauss, the opening fanfare of which was used in Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

      - Birth date of Elvis Costello (né Declan Patrick McManus - splendid name), singer-songwriter,1954. And, as he so pertinently enquires, 'What's so funny 'bout Peace, Love & Understanding?' (Hear here!)

      - Ronald Reagan said 'trees cause more pollution than automobiles do' (1981)

27 - first OIL well drilled in U.S. - memo: end of OIL.gif (628 bytes)coming soon!

28 - Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream" speech (28th August 1963)

- Bob Dylan introduced the Beatles to Mary Jane (1964)

31 - Birthday Van Morrison, musician (1945). Also, Commodus, Roman Emperor (161 A.D.)
















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