The cupboard's a bit bare - let's see what we can.gif (1721 bytes) rustle up...


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do join the tea party...

or Last Supper

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of Contents:


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Apéritif? (a pair a teef!)

Alphabet Soup


More Bread

Long French Loaf



Fruit Salad

Gormless Gourmand (Our Raving Reporter turns Restaurant Critic)

Greek Restaurant?

Fancy a quick snack? (Plutonium-flavoured Crisps, anyone)

Piece of Cake?

Hot X Bun?!xmaspict161.gif (6255 bytes)

Xmas Dinner? (X-rated!)

Eating Fire

Fast Food


Posh Hotel Nosh

WINE with your meal?

Matcha Tea


Fat, Salt & Sugar (Treble Trouble!)


Homegrown organic potatoes (short, funny video)


Squirrel eating a coconut (video)

Carnivores catered for:

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Roast Lamb

    Roast Pig (with a twist)


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De Gustibus...


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the food is good

plain honest fare

a simple feast

of pulse & grain


harmonious palette

on a plate

fragrant  & textured

tastes for the tongue





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Maître D:



'Chacun à son goût'

"Thus, in this matter also does the artificial famine of inequality, felt in so many other ways, impoverish us despite of our riches; and we sit starving amidst our gold." (William Morris, from "The Socialist Ideal: Art", 1891)



Recommending only 100% plant foods for the following reasons:

1) to benefit the health of your body

2) to benefit the environment

3) to benefit animals (living creatures, fellow sentient beings, who die prematurely, or, more accurately, are needlessly slaughtered, not to provide sustenance unavailable from plant sources but only to give the decadent luxury of transient tastes & textures derived from corpses, euphemistically called meat, &/or dairy produce, made from milk (plus a permitted percentage of pus) produced by the mammary glands of certain non-human animals.

Your heart knows it makes sense, but you may have a lot of cultural conditioning to overcome.

It's estimated that every year over 150 billion animals meet (excuse gory pun in bad taste) untimely, grisly deaths. "Humane" slaughter? Really?


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