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"arms against a sea of troubles"? (Not what Will meant I know)


Can't really walk on water or hold back the waves, except in imagination, but hopefully this picture has some power. Certainly worth 999 words, if not a thousand!


Great wave, anyway!


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("wave man" = ronin)


Actually, it occurs to me that although Iíve long lived inland, I was born & brought up on the coast. I had a seaside childhood. Went to the beach from a very young age &, of course, I saw the sea. So I became well acquainted with waves.

To a toddler, when the sea was rough, some of the waves must have looked enormous.

Many years later, it was love at first sight when I first set eyes on Hokusaiís Great Wave. Maybe the image captured for me some of the drama of the sea in my earliest memories.

(However, no Mt Fuji in the distance. Where I came from, on the Isle of Thanet, the land was fairly flat with only a few modest hills.)

Been on some rough seas, in my time, crossing the English Channel & off the Hebrides, as well as the above-mentioned metaphorical "sea of troubles".

So I wish all sailors calm weather.




Kamikaze Bard



guess we'll need to wave bye bye to Tuvalu





Great wave of plastic

More pictures worth a thousand words?


'Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings, for there is none worthy of the name, but He whom heaven, earth, and sea obey by eternal laws.' (Alleged words of King Cnut, who knew he couldn't hold back the tide.)

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