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2021: you are here. This is now. We create the future!

2020: In case it escaped your notice, there was a Global Pandemic.

It's got a lot of coverage.

New C-word goes viral. See Boris Johnson claps the nurses (clap trap) & Corona-Central

Climate Change, the 6th Mass Species Extinction Event, impending likely collapse of Civilisation,

accidental nuclear oblivion, don't make the sort of headlines their seriousness merits.

2014 - 20: Long lacuna here, which may possibly be filled in, if & when I get a chance.

Consumer Capitalism continues. Climate Chaos kicks in, leading to Mass Extinction of Species,

bringing us nearer to societal collapse, that sort of (1078 bytes)

Among the highlights - nonews2.gif (7383 bytes)

- From 2016 onwards, it was difficult to avoid the B-word (Brexit). Perhaps  the less said about that the better.

- Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader in September 2015.

After that, JC was crucified daily by the billionaire press & BBC.

Below, he is pictured with my young son on 19th August 2016, when he spoke in Sheffield.

(NB fancy dress of symbolic proletarian cloth cap as we are Up North!)

2013: Mandela died. You've heard of him.

2012: The year the world didn't end. So last year!

2011: what were you doing on 11/11/11 at 11:11?

Japan - earthquake, tsunami, nuclear fire...

2010: those were the days?

2009: seems so long ago...

2008: the best of times, the worst of times?

2007:What? Have you forgotten the bad news already?

2006: A year best forgotten? (Reminders)

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Killing continues... all over the world, including Palestine , Lebanon...

2005: Fire, Floods, Pestilence, Starvation,War etc., so more of the same & then some...

- Anti-G8 protests , Gleneagles G8

- British Election

2004: Countless thousands killed in Asian Tsunami (Natural disaster.) Countless thousands killed in Iraq (Man-made disaster.)

2003:  WORLD ON FIRE...(with war, starvation, poverty, pollution)... millions march to protest...mainstream media continue pushing propaganda of the masters to the masses...

see IRAQ Scrapbook for War Highlights

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    Internal IRAQ WAR Links:

Iraq Attaq

Iraq Scrapbook

Song of the Emperor

A Reply to George Bush

Tourist Trips To Iraq

Poodles against Blair

War Webcast!




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        - Bush grows impatient for Armageddon

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2002 - peace still not declared!

         - Iraq Attack looming, Bomb in Bali

          - another supertanker sinks, oilslick

         - 20th Anniversary Falklands Wargrandfather2_clock_md_wht.gif (4804 bytes)

         - 50 years of the Queen

         - Pretzeldent Bush!

2001 - 9/11

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          - global protest - G8 not so great!

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2000 - Y2K?

1999 -

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1982 - Falklands War (Frantic Antics in the South Atlantic!)

1979 -


that famous old fiend Ayatollah

makes Americans hot under collar/choler

now Iranians yell

let the Shah go to hell

& they don't give a damn for the dollar/dolour


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In mem M.Thatcher

what the papers said

color supplement

News of the World?


A - Z



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Time's running out...


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