Dateline: house-bound here at home, 8th May 2020


Coronavirus lockdown might be a wee bit claustrophobically constricting for your average street graffiti artist, though empty streets make a safer playground, the air less polluted with traffic fumes.

By contrast, the digital graffiti artist (artiste even) like Yours Truly works or plays from home anyway. Still, better safe than sorry, so I wear a face-mask & a pair of  rubber gloves (very hygenic). One never knows where this accursed virus might lurk. I'm taking no chances.

As I remarked earlier: "kissing thru face-masks can be romantic."

Some of my recent work is on display here, what I call The Corona Trilogy, no doubt soon to become a cult classic:





If I ever bother to upload it, this very webpage might complete a tetralogy or quadrilogy. Quartet has already been taken by that upstart Tommy Eliot. The greedy bugger did 4 of them. Of course, Beethoven got in early with his Late Quartets (lazy old Ludwig couldn't meet his deadline!)

One of these challenging days, I must seek out new walls to scrawl on & change the subject for the sake of variety. Meanwhile, hope I don't run out of pixels yet ...

There now follows some self-indulgence from this digital graffiti artist in self-isolation at a time of coronavirus, aka self-portraits, or selfies for short (to adopt the modern parlance), personifying or impersonating what I call Coronachic, a neologism I coined just now.

Are you ready?

(click pic to see what happens next....)
Must have been something I ate. Or maybe those are the first symptoms.




Meanwhile, to while away my precious time in precautionary confinement, scribbled these little virus verses for my own amusement. Do they tickle you too?

virus versus us



us that elusive



virus came in context

it's not that we are hexed

so useless to get vexed


us versus virus



big fuss


man on the Clapham omnibus

with the disease

might sneeze


don't scoff

at his cough


don a mask

small ask






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digital doodling during COVID-19




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