Against the odds, I am still alive.... just. A vulnerable, rather than venerable, elder. A kind of wounded healer. One of my roles is to offer healing advice, if requested, to those younger than me.

I am literally "wounded" - physically & psychologically, traumatised, r
ecovering from previous addictions to  Drugs (nicotinesmokingBooze & other alcohol), which I used in an attempt to cope with various traumas I'd previously been thru & was still going thru. I have found the eminent physician Gabor Maté very helpful in understanding, dealing with, coming to terms with those issues. Am surviving, if not in the best of health. Outlived my father.


Appropriately, an Elder tree overhangs the end of our back garden. We enjoy & make use of the blossom in Spring & berries in Autumn (vide Wheel of the Year.) Teas from both are healing.                                                               click pic?

(Image of splendid specimen  from Google rather than my camera. Will take photos next year, inshallah.)


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