"It could be seen as progress, or change for the worse, or merely as the turning of a wheel like the cycle of the seasons. The seasons revolve throughout Keats' poetry" ...


Fight of the Year


Clockwise round the circle:

1st / 2nd Feb. - Cross-quarter day of Imbolc -   ancient pagan fire festival between Yule and the Vernal (Spring) Equinox (ie. midway between December 22 and March 22. It's one of the four midway or cross-quarter festivals, or Greater Sabbats: Imbolc, Beltane/Mayday, Lammas, Samhain/Halloween, each one halfway between an Equinox and a Solstice. The four Lesser Sabbats consist of the two Solstices (Yule and Litha) and the two Equinoxes (Ostara and Mabon.) Thus there are eight Sabbats, or stations of the Wheel of the Year.

monthly mix

Mucha's depiction of 4 seasons


Snowdrop during Wartime

Resurrection of the Spring

a few daffodils

Spring flower of color & restricted growth

Vernal Equinox

Let this season last

Cherry blossom in Spring

Spring's on the cold side this year



Summer Solstice


Equinox (autumnal)

Autumnal Equinox

Autumn (N.K.)

Loose Leaf


Carved Words

Unseasonal Spring Blossom in Autumn

Seasonal pun

Don't drive an autumn-mobile, why not cycle all year round



Red Robin


Squirrel in snowfall

Xmas Season

Winter Solstice

Winter Gardens

2010 Deep Freeze

Frozen Zen



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(Common or Garden Buddha in) CHANGING SEASONS




winter boys










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