WoodenHorseSmall2.jpg (58763 bytes)    ENEMY WITHIN


they saw a wooden horse

& thought they'd won

but victory or defeat

led always to another war


fast by the castle stood

the fastness of God

defending Church & State

Christian Soldiers fought the good jihad


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now there were walls of words dividing mortals

nothing changed but the names

the politicians & the preachers

vended the same tendentious lie


& still the peace of heaven got postponed


we'd grown accustomed to the war-time spirit

withstanding sieges of them against us

days looked likely to go on & on

in this sorry state of mind


lulled off the alert at midnight

surely it was safe to sleep

with nuclear angels keeping guard


all around lay quiet as a graveyard


inside invisible something stirred

Davy King

(circa 1973)

War & Peace



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