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I was reading in the 'Times Literary Supplement' an article on a recently discovered fragment of a play believed by some to have been penned by Shakespeare himself. Although a few scholars doubt its authenticity, modern methods of computerised textual analysis do seem to reveal certain stylistic features that are characteristically Shakespearian.oddsquill.gif (3551 bytes)

I myself am of the opinion that the words are in fact genuinely by the quill of none other than the Swan of Avon, but I will let you form your own conclusions.TransparentBlotSmall.gif (292 bytes)

To do the piece full justice it should be read by Olivier or Gielgud but in their absence please try to adopt the appropriate Stentorian tones.

To my mind, the following Soliloquy ranks with the best from Hamlet or King Lear:


consider Man as like a little fly

feasting upon a piece of bread & jam

the world's one of those round & crusty loaves

each country wants to grab the largest slice

the soil (wherin the answer lies) is brown

wholemeal - the kind that doctors recommend

yet when Fate blows a raspberry at us

however fly we like to think we are

we all get in a dreadful jam at times

& this sweet life comes to a sticky end

O crumbs!...



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(More SILLY than SOLILOQUY! Litter not Literature! Ed)


(yeah & YOU, more twit than wit, so there! R.R.)



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(" No, no, no, no " - King Lear)

no QWERTY keyboard

no biro

no pencil

no fountain pen

just a quill



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