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What one critic said: "Cool! Below freezing in fact."

Winter (2006, in case you're curious), warm & cosy indoors, I looked out the kitchen window into back garden. Snow, for which I have a child-like enthusiasm, wee birdies on hedge. Delightful scene. Watched them, entranced for a timeless eternity.

If you're not in too much of a rush, treat yourself, spare a few minutes to relax & chill out.

Not that much happens in my video. but itís a bit more interesting than over-hyped Andy Warholís 1964 black & white film, ďEmpireĒ, which consists of an 8 hour 5 minutes slow-mo, single view of the Empire State Building. Sat thru it once at an all-nighter, while a student at UCL in 1971. Stupefying, stupid? Soporific to say the least! Considered "culturally significant" by the U.S. Library of Congress National Film Registry. The Empire State Building, phallic, monolithic, imperialistic, suitable subject to celebrate.

Mine is nearly, not quite, a continuous take, the whole shot within the same quarter hour. Minimal editing.

By now, all the birds in the video are almost certainly dead in the "real" world. Here, they live on, in virtual immortality.

In these days of rapid global warming, unfortunately we face a future, in which snow may soon be a thing of the past.


"a proletarian bird." - Norman MacCaig


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